If there are learning aids which require perfection i. A brochure was designed to outline the courses that the program may offer. So, just like that, my first 2 assignments were completed. This was the first time that I had feedback on my teaching and realized how important this is to the learning process, immediate feedback. A very valuable experience for me as this is another way to be creative and to showcase material in the class. Close monitoring of responses and follow up paved the way to doing two Capstone teaching demonstrations for Reading and Listening classes. I met with similar liked individuals and learned about resources on campus.

Digital recording of teaching. At the inception of the Capstone project which evolved from PIDP to PIDP , I wanted to focus on designing a strategic labour market integration program for Philippine professional immigrants and skilled workers. The class venue was perfect. I have learned again the value of relationships and the trust and authenticity that must be built to have a positive learning environment. Mind Mapping and Problem Solving as Tools. I refer to material every day when teaching, whether it be for activities, feedback, organization, making exams and more. Students were more inquisitive during and after the group dynamics.

Capstone Project (PIDP 3270)

Mind Mapping and Problem Solving as Tools. Self reflection was a big thing for me for this course. For the Listening class, there was a technical glitch when the uploaded video clip did not match its audio.

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Below is a summary of some of the courses. Mind Mapping video Activity: Professional Practice I really enjoyed this textbook as well. I have learned about how my actions affect the students and the value of relationships. I enjoyed doing assignment 4 and have shared some of this assignment here in my blog.

I hope to continually take professional development capstobe to keep me progressing forward so that I am able to instruct adults with the latest technological changes and continue on my learning journey!! It allowed quick feedback and affirmation on learning.

The PIDP courses have allowed me a chance to explore cappstone teaching iswhat it means to me, and who I want to become as teacher.

PIDP 3270 – Capstone

I have appreciated the feedback from instructors and feel that they want me to succeed. The value of having outcomes, material and assessment aligned. Being organized and having clear explicit outcomes.

3270 capstone project

That was the most fun for me. Facilitate accomplishment of the assignment by providing guide steps for mind mapping and strategies for problem solving. Poject Sanchez, at the Skills Connect Program to seek out universities and colleges for a teaching opportunity.

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PIDP – Capstone

For the Reading class, these were the things that went well: By continuing to use this website, you agree castone their use. If there are learning aids which require perfection i.


I now do these for every class, I think it gets me off on the right foot. So, just like that, my first 2 assignments were completed. Lesson plan for digitally recorded lesson.

I took the lead provided by my career consultant, Ms.

3270 capstone project

It has been an invaluable resource in explaining what is happening in my classroom. In general, I have enjoyed all the classes because I see the overlap of the material and how practical it is.

Curriculum Developmen t – one word Alignment!!!

Two patient and understanding instructors, Mr. To find out more, including how to control pronect, see here: I must admit, it was rather weird to watch myself deliver instruction in the classroom, so reflecting on my lesson for assignment 3 took more time.

I do think it is ironic that I will be taking this course last but I hope it allows me to look at all the other PIDP course information with a wider lens.

I also found the experience valuable because in our program we ask the students to create video projects and this allowed me to trouble shoot and to show students an example of my creativity.