The processing and analysis of vector and 3D data were in the special focus of my interests. As Global Change Manager, one should search for points of intersection, where different thinking is needed e. The main focus is directed towards lobbying at international climate negotiations. I think everyone has to know one’s own mind. For three years, I have been working for Germanwatch.

Log In Sign Up. During my research project internship in the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research I had the chance to apply my theoretical knowledge in practical research. Afterwards it analyses the changes of corporate and personal income tax rates and evaluates their impact on foreign direct investment in OECD countries. There is no gainsay that the techniques acquired during my FIT programme were very instrumental in the successful completion of my PhD. I focused my interest on ecological modeling and the data analysis language R. The main focus is renewable energies, biomass and rural electrification.

This question is not easy to answer from my position as intern. FIT prepared us for the challenges of monitoring and prediction of forest ecosystems by providing both scientific training and organisational capabilities required for the development of future projects.

FIT made me a professional in environmental informatics.

I felt that the skills I obtained would be in high demand in hnse as well as the environmental sciences. Previously I did not feel the cognitive dissonance between urgency and possibility so much. In contrast toI now have much more experience with political and institutional systems as well as with impacts of climate change at first hand by field visits.


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The GCM times as well as the career entry were characterized by a constant excitement. It became quickly apparent how valuable the knowledge gained during the studies is. It is rich in variety and the contact to the media and the exchange with other political agents is fun. I could meet many new people, with which I still stay in touch.

The BioEcon-Project aims to develop a Msc. In the last four semesters of her stud-ies, she learnt many different technologies, which allowed a different perspective on forests by using remote sensing.

Soil water dynamics and water use in a western juniper Juniperus occidentalis woodland.

bachelor thesis hnee

I made myself more familiar bacelor GIS and Remote Sensing, also using my knowledge in tutorials for undergraduate students. The structure of the program that takes care of the cognitive, psychomotor and the affective domains of an individual development in environmental study is phenomenal!

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I thought that I would absolutely work on international forest and climate protection REDD but then I realized that forest and nature protection policy in Germany and on European level is as interesting as on international level. I think everyone has to know one’s own mind. Studies are one thing, employment something else.

Methodologically, this research aims at linking human viewpoints directly with ecological aspects of urban green. Furthermore, the double degree program and two graduation certificates seemed to me very advantageous for further job applications.

Faculty of Forest and Environment

Help Center Find new research papers in: Cookies optimieren die Bereitstellung unserer Dienste. My little daughter helps me to remember the important things in life. Folgen Sie uns auf: If you want to change something you really have to work hard and invest much time into your job.


With my knowledge and my experiences which I gathered in that time, the feeling of urgency increased.

bachelor thesis hnee

This intensive course provided me substantial theoretical framework and critical perspective on the main drivers of the global environmental change. The knowledge and skills gained during this time have applications not only in forestry, but in a wide range of fields within the natural sciences.

I come from the field of forest and a course about juridical and economical basic knowledge would have been helpful. The practical techniques and theory modules definitely distinguished FIT from other master programmes. Thesiis main focus is directed towards lobbying at international climate negotiations. The processing and analysis of vector and 3D data were in the special focus of my interests. During my bachelor studies I carried out that I want to work as an IT specialist for environmental monitoring programmes.

Concrete employers could be: The conference focuses on IT solutions in forestry.