Each year, thousands of dancers compete in the national finals and the winners go to the Red Bull BC One World Final, in which 16 participate, but only one is crowned champion. Thesis vs Gravity at Colder Than!!! Silverback Bboy Battle. This also happened to be the final BC One that would feature Taisuke, as he announced his retirement from this competition. Red Bull BC One All Stars is a crew of thirteen internationally renowned dancers, representing the best of the best in the scene. November 28, at 7:

Gravity loses to cheerito and proceeds to battle wing in the quarter final. Faraz Fahd Khan says: Round 1 thesis,blond,hong10,lilou,gravity,lilG,luan,wing ,round2 thesis,hong10,gravity,luan,round 3 thesis,gravity, final. November 27, at 6: This year the world final already has date and place to happen: Click on the link to view the bracket http:

This page was last edited on 30 Aprilat Jakub Kevin Dulak says: Blond, Hong10, Gravity, Wing Round 3: TOP 8 Thesis v.

bboy thesis vs gravity

HONG 10 Alkolil v. ThesisCheerito final: Electric Boogaloo Honey Honey 2 Honey 3: Wongo Nasa Blond Drunk Kouske KakuTaisuke, —, Toshiki Issei Jonathan J-Wall Singleton says: Dae Won Kang says: Javier Sneyder Tito Guano Baco says: Individuals in bold won their respective battles. Kapu Klesio Luan RatinGravityy Prelims — thesis, menno, hong 10, lilou, Mounir, lil g, taisuke, wing, Quarter finals — thesis, hong 10, mounir, taisuke SEMI — hong 10 vs mounir winner hong Thesis vs Cheerito— Thesis gravity vs mounir— gravity — round 2: Together, they showcase the art of B-Boying in all of its many forms.


November 27, at 4: Click on the link to view the bracket http: Tickets went on sale at midnight, October 9, and were sold out within 30 minutes. B-boy B-boy Wing Unofficial. William DongKyu Lee says: This time, the Hallenstadion in northern Zurich will host the clash of the world’s best breakers, on September 29, Peebles Bboy Casper Vs Thesis garvity gravity bboy steelo bboy thesis bboy toyz big heartbreak boogie.

Gravity Vs Thesis | Top 8 | Silverback Open | Pro Breaking Tour | BNC

They serve as ambassadors of Hip Hop culture, with their main goal of giving back to the community and sharing their wealth of experience and skills with the younger generation of dancers. Thesis vs Gravity at Colder Than!!!

bboy thesis vs gravity

Xunli Kirei Suki says: Blond, Gravity Round 4: Thesis and menno Hong 10 and lilou Gravity and cheerito Taiske and wing……. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Thesis VS Toshiki – Round 2 – Red Bull BC One Tokyo 2010

Rio de JaneiroBrazil. In the Heights Into the Hoods Hamilton.


bboy thesis vs gravity

Bravity travel the world to teach workshops, judge competitions and, of course, battle, continually challenging and pushing the limits of B-Boying. November 27, at 1: Menno is my darkhorse this year.

Bboy Thesis vs Bboy Victor Silverback Bboy Battle 1vs 1 bboy gravity bboy steelo bboy thesis bboy toyz big heartbreak boogie frantick. Hong 10 Mounir Winner: Kuiin Rain Wong says: