Sometimes, for good reason and through no fault of your own, you may not be able to undertake or complete an assessment at the appropriate time. Module leader s and Maggie Wescott must be informed if a student is unable to attend a class. The procedure for making an appeal is summarised below, and is also set out in the Senate Regulations, specifically Senate Regulation Overview programmes to ensure comparability of programmes and module blocks for teaching, learning and assessment. A core assessment or core module is one which, if taken, must be passed at grade C- or better in order for you to be eligible for the award in question. Fail Exposition of the topic The report shows i little understanding of the issues relevant to the dissertation, often drawing on irrelevant information which is used out of context in the topic area, or ii a limited account of the data accumulated during the relevant research project – but this content will tend to be patchy, superficial, lacking in cohesion and focus and will contain many factual and scientific errors.

The coherence of integration of appropriate illustrative materials e. There have been numerous individual discussions between personal tutors and students in order to address individual concerns and assist planning. It is a summary of the most important parts of the full degree regulations Senate Regulations 3 and 4 which are available on the University’s intranet site: When you paraphrase and attribute the source of an idea in your essay, each new aspect or continuation of that idea — as may occur in consecutive sentences — must be accurately referenced. Keep the text in the third person. It should not occupy a large part of the dissertation, unless undertaking a library-based or policy-based project.

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Overall score max 50 is a sum of the scores awarded to each of the 10 criteria. The coursswork of pollution, the study of the processes and techniques related to the reduction of emissions to air, land and water, together with the legislative framework in which they are explored.


Presentation of the Dissertation Dissertations should have double or 1. Supporting evidence you submit should confirm the following: Smith then noted courseework the bee reversed out and flew to a nearby flower so that the pollen was transferred to the ovaries to effect fertilisation.

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The bibliography will be thorough, topical and will draw from a variety of source material. The credit module blocks are largely shared.

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This plan explains the mechanisms and structures of support for IfE post-graduate ciursework students. To consider modifications to programme s and to make recommendations regarding modifications for consideration by School Board or School Learning and Teaching Committee where this devolved responsibility has been granted by the School Board.

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The supervisor should ensure that the student obtains appropriate help from Institute or outside sources, to optimise the content of the dissertation. To consider proposals and, where appropriate, make recommendations to the Institute for the assurance and enhancement of the quality of the student learning experience. Has the submission been checked for originality by TurnItIn? Quality of presentation ie. Smith described the role courrsework bees in pollinating roses and demonstrated the following features.

Bruneel the New Regulations a Board may assign a grade to an element of assessment where confident and justified SR4. Each reference must appear in two places. Could the study induce psychological stress or anxiety or cause harm or negative consequences beyond the risks encountered in normal life?

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Raw data will be presented and explained but not necessarily in a relevant and detailed manner. The module blocks in TARA are delivered as a combination of standard throughout the term and block delivery delivered within weeks, depending on the module. Independence The student shows some degree of enthusiasm self-reliance and initiative towards the project without becoming over-reliant on his supervisor or another person.

Scrutinise student cappin block evaluations coursework assessment forms, presentation assessment forms, etc.

Some circumstances are clearly beyond the control of students, but some are not. Please note that there is varying use of et al. Pollution and Monitoring PM This programme is designed for those who are expected to take up roles as environmental analysts and environmental mangers with an emphasis on environmental monitoring and pollution control.


For full-time students starting at other times of year all standard dissertation submission deadlines shall be not more than 52 weeks after the commencement of study. Put the reference to Jones in the bibliography in the appropriate place: How to be a Good Student. Formal minutes of meetings will be taken, which will be kept for record. The Institute for the Environment monitors attendance of all students during the taught programme.


Have you, to the best of your knowledge, used your own words throughout? The supervisor along with the student must ensure that the outline plan is approved by the programme leader prior to commencement and that the ethics checklist and risk assessment are completed see Appendices 11 and For significant, ongoing medical conditions that are being monitored or treated by a doctor not in the University Medical Centre: Please note that the submission of falsified documents in support of Mitigating Circumstances is a disciplinary offence and where, following initial scrutiny, there remains reasonable doubt that documents are genuine the University will commence disciplinary procedures in accordance with Senate Regulation 6.

Any useful parts of the study not directly relevant to the main theme may also be put in the Appendix, but should be clearly referenced in the text. Shows a high level of clarity, focus and cogency in communication.

Smith, brunep, there is a passage that describes the pollination of roses by bees. The University’s regulations for postgraduate degree programmes and awards changed for students entering programmes in or after 1 September