When Habakkuk stood and measured the earth Habakkuk 3: Stephen Rajkumar on February 4, at 2: I even have some close family members who did BSF before, but who are now living in places without BSF and who can enjoy tne online groups. I am hearing the same concern about the increased application. If you are like me, that logic plays out and you are nodding your head in agreement. Thanks be to God for new technology.

I did have difficulty with Jails as they are housing folks that are not permanently there as they are temporary waiting a trial or some other disposition. I was a little hesitant about this class, but I am so glad I am in it for it has answered so of the questions I was having in my life. In God We Trust. As we prayerfully study our lessons, the Holy Spirit leads us to applying it to our lives. When we see it, it represents a limited time period of tribulation, distress, and persecution. Jesus spoke this same idea in Matthew The questions do not seem to be as challenging.

For seeing them as God sees them. Diana Smith on January 31, at 4: God will give power to His 2 witnesses who will prophesy for 1, days. I will be 79 years old. God is blessing all of us. You will be 79 years young and going strong. I would love for my blind brother-in-law to be able to do BSF.


I am always surprised by how much more I hear and glean by listening a second time. I have received a lot of support from my leader,Elisabet in Spanish.

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I am whom I am because of BSF. It has been a great joyin our spiritual life. Hence, Christ is the cornerstone, the apostles are the foundation, and believers are the hoework. Because of my language processing and memory deficits the new. A man named Scott took his place. Reading that portion of the mail sent me into tearful Thanksgiving to God for you and also for my class which is just down the street from home.

bsf homework revelations

I joined BSF last year. I have spiritual fervor inner strengthbut I am still too timid and not zealous and bold enough in my witness to others. Tonya Church on February 4, at 5: Coincidentally, I also joined BSF for the first time in September and the lessons helped me to understand what I had read and cement my foundation with God.

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If we deal in evil, we become infected by evil. Thank you and your team for this new module.

All you have to do is accept. They have filled and increased my knowledge of the Bible.


Thank you With much regards and prayers, Shirly Milton. This new format leaves so much to be desired. BSF has been a huge blessing to me. I was thrilled to be able to print the basic truths and ervelations of God from Mybsf. What I have found that this year, my second year going through the classes.

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How exciting to worship God and do the same study with sisters in Christ so many miles away! I love the materials. Durning the month of December her heart went into Afib she has a heart defect since birth. Could have gone deeper into the possible meanings of symbols and passages.

bsf homework revelations

We are asked what helps, strengthens, and comforts revelationss times and encourages 2 times. Andrew Wommack John rejoices when he hears many people are following Jesus. Or you may get to be one of the saints cheering us on through the study. Either way they represent man 12 tribes and 12 apostles—all of Israel and all of the Church or divisions of the priests 1 Chronicles

bsf homework revelations