There is nothing to be gained by attempting music that is too dificult for them to perform successfully. Access arrangements will not be agreed if they give candidates an unfair advantage over others or if they compromise the standards being assessed. Reasonable musical ideas displaying some aspects of inventiveness, but not always securely 4—6 or consistently handled. You may also be interested in our exam model answers. Where the component entry code has two digits, the irst digit is the component number given in the syllabus. The extracts or pieces played will be from a wide range of styles and traditions. I, IV, and V 7 ; secondary chords:

Additional information for regulated syllabuses They are created by subject experts, are rooted in academic rigour, and provide a strong platform for progression. Thanks for your cooperation. For the purpose of moderation, Centres are asked to organise the presentation of recordings as follows: Click here to sign up. Although I 39;ve heard legends of people who had little coursework but got A 39;s as they showed they can draw and crap.

When do ee know about the oustanding learners award? In cases where the score is not coyrsework in standard staff notation, the recording must be accompanied by a detailed commentary explaining the system of notation used.

cambridge igcse coursework deadlines 2017

Please kindly check all the exam registration key dates here: We offer a range of enquiries about results services depending on the type of check you would like us to make. Please contact your school for information. This syllabus will continue to be available worldwide.

To check your results, you should contact your examination officer or you can check online. Make notes and revise them, so you can avoid making the same mistakes in your actual exam. Compositions that display little evidence of consistent application or musical 1—10 1—20 understanding. Prior learning Candidates in England who are beginning this course should normally have followed the Key Stage 3 programme of study within the National Curriculum for England.


I live in Dubai. In music which is not notated, have candidates given due consideration to issues such as the need for dynamic variety?

Hi Jasleen, Here are some suggestions to dedalines questions: Edexcel Certificate, Edexcel Award. There are a number of enrollment deadlines Compositional devices Repetition, imitation, sequence, canon, ostinato, drone, Alberti bass, pedal tonic and dominantcontrary motion.

cambridge igcse coursework deadlines

Very simple keys, Keyboard few accidentals, no modulation. Clarinet Concerto Movement 1 General Observations It is most important that candidates are able to hear their Set Work as often as possible, so that they become thoroughly familiar with the music primarily through listening.

Enquiry about results guide UK. Centres may wish to advise candidates that, if they take two qualiications with the same discount code, colleges are very likely to take the view that they have achieved only one of the two qualiications. The latest version of the syllabus cakbridge version 2, published September Cambridge AS and A Level results can be issued to candidates immediately, however please contact your school to confirm when Cambridge Pre-U results can be issued to candidates.

Candidates should perform music that is appropriate, in its technical and musical demands, to their stage of development courssework the time of the examination.


You might need to go to your school to collect your results, or your school couraework give you a password so that you can view your results on our secure website.

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Hi Sofia, To check your results, you should contact your examination officer or you can check online. Glockenspiel, 1 Single notes, with no ogcse leaps. If it is impractical to record a composition using the forces for which it is intended, the recording may be made using different forces that are more readily available e. Samples database The samples database explains everything you need to know about administering coursework, speaking test and examined coursework components.

cambridge igcse coursework deadlines 2017

Simply complete the form below and return it to us. The registration will open one month before the revision course starts. Igxse about entry codes can be found in the Cambridge Guide to Making Entries. Assessment criteria for deadlinea 7. GCSE English coursework – plagiarism Go to our other sites. However, Cambridge have set minimum entry thresholds for? Descriptor Mark A wide range of well-developed skills, allowing the candidate to perform music which makes 5 substantial demands.

For examined coursework, instead of submitting samples you submit the work of all your candidates to us.