Assessment criteria for coursework The Total Mark for each composition and the Grand Total Mark out of must be checked against the Overall Descriptors and mark bands below. Compositions that display little evidence of consistent application or musical 1—10 1—20 understanding. The letters Q result pending , X no results and Y to be issued may also appear on the statement of results but not on the certiicate. Packing and despatching samples transcript. Access arrangements will not be agreed if they give candidates an unfair advantage over others or if they compromise the standards being assessed. Syllabus aims and assessment objectives 4.

It is assumed that Centres will have a CD player of reasonable quality, capable of reproducing the bass clearly. For the purposes of moderation, teachers must record all performances and compositions and send the recordings, mark sheets and other materials to Cambridge. Assessment criteria for coursework Bass Guitar 1 All in irst position, often using open strings and moving mainly between adjacent strings. Submit your marks using one of the following methods: The syllabus provides learners with an opportunity to study both the practical and theoretical aspects of physical education. Edexcel deadlines coursework I, IV, and V 7 ; secondary chords:

Igcse english coursework help. You can download coursework idenitification and coursework return labels: Preventing and identifying plagiarism Work submitted for examination or moderation must be the candidates’ own.

The resource lists include further suggestions for resources to support teaching. GCSE English coursework – plagiarism The syllabus provides learners with an opportunity to study both the practical and theoretical aspects of physical education. NB Do not award half marks.

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School Support Hub We provide a wide range of support so that teachers can give their learners the best possible preparation for Cambridge programmes and qualifications.


No creditable compositional technique. Candidates are expected to follow any complete or skeleton scores or diagrams provided.

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Igcse Ict Coursework Help – fastnursingadmissionessayw. Music with a range of technical challenges and requiring some interpretative insight.

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If you cannot use the same examiner for all of your internally assessed speaking tests, read our guidance. Couursework in detail Section D: Coursework address labels – Teacher Assessment – Label 2. For examined coursework, instead of submitting samples you submit the work of all your candidates to us. For examined coursework, you need to submit the work of all of your candidates to us.

cie coursework deadlines 2017

The following lists give guidance, for selected instruments, about the dificulty of music that should attract certain levels of marks under this heading, provided that candidates are able to perform it successfully.

Previous changes to this syllabus The changes for the previous version of the syllabus included: We have deavlines lists foursework can be iltered to show all resources, or just those which are endorsed by Cambridge.

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What is the difference between Edexcel International Examinations and Cambridge? For their chosen work, candidates will hear two extracts played twice. In practice, the grade awarded depends upon the extent to which the candidate has met the assessment objectives overall.

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Performances which are very good in musicianship and control of technique, dewdlines a 35—42 high level of musical understanding of the music in programmes made up of pieces demanding well-developed skills for a performance at this level but lacking the consistent excellence to be placed in the highest category.


Other information Equality and inclusion Cambridge International Examinations has taken great care in the preparation of this syllabus dradlines assessment materials to avoid bias of any kind. Cambridge International Examinations retains the copyright on all its publications.

cie coursework deadlines 2017

For the purpose of moderation, Centres are asked to organise the presentation of recordings as follows: Music requiring some more sophisticated interpretation e.

Recognition Couraework IGCSE is recognised by leading universities and employers worldwide, and is an international passport to progression and success. In all cases, recordings on CD must be saved as audio iles and CDs must be inalised so that they can be played on a standard audio CD player.

cambridge igcse coursework deadlines

Syllabus for examination inand For teachers at registered Cambridge schools a range of additional support materials for speciic syllabuses is available from Teacher Support, our secure online support for Cambridge teachers.

Each composition must be preceded by a spoken introduction giving the title of the piece deadline the details of the candidate. It provides a solid foundation for moving on to higher level studies.