But if I happen to see it twice or more, then I will try toknow the reasons why the vehicle is parked there. However, it is their duty to do such. We must always consider that before we gamble make it sure that our needs are met first and the extra monies are the ones available for gambling. A public service is a public trust which is provided by government to people living within its jurisdiction, the term is associated with a social consensus that certain services should be available to all, regardless of income. The knowledge of the populace itself about the situation will secure the person.

As a Social Science student, I was exposed to many people. There should be a supportive environment by all professionals to everyone. I can show my commitment to public interest through educating the people on the island abut proper waste disposal. You Might Also Like. Therefore, I will consider first the following facts: In the situation given, I would take Cynthias side.

Whistle-blowing is never an easy decision for any individual. One resort made by whistleblowers is to go to the media.

This principle is vital on the formation of our integrity as civil servants. Dead heroesThe cutting down of trees in the forest is strictly prohibited several years ago.

DLP – [DOC Document]

In line with simple living, Slp can say that I am contented with my life right now despite the fact that Im having financial problems most of the times. I was given an opportunity to express my ideas and opinions regarding the situations. Even where public services are neither publicly provided nor publicly financed, for social and political reasons they are usually subject to regulation going beyond that applying to most economic sectors.


As an employee, it is his responsibility to report to office on time. ROY, a rank and file employee: Case Study 10A government official or employee should always possess the spirit of professionalism in anyway. At the first place, it can dase consider as unethical.


caae Either government official or employee must always possess the spirit of professionalism in any ways.

I will encourage my self to live in a simple life in the future. There are several processes in the government that are detrimental to the public since it wastransacted under the table. So therefore, the problem of morality is not anymore in the cxc but on how you gamble. It is not good to see a government employee doing such thing.

csc dlp case study

Though it may not be applicableon all times, this principle is vital on the formation of our integrity as civil servants. For me, it was honesty. A public servant does not exist alone, therefore he must possess the spirit that would empower the group in dl its target and not a burden to it; ande.

I will assure that thatreputation will not haunt my batch of civil servants.

By the people, and for the people. And refusal of accepting a gift offered or given might be an insult to someone who took effort to give it.

Justness and Sincerity Can you recall an experience when your honesty was tested?

csc dlp case study

Gift stidy is a sign of gratitude and refusing a gift offered by somebody is already an insult. By doing such Case Study 2 The cutting down of trees in the forest has been prohibited several years ago. My clients entrust me with their works and pay me appropriately. It was nice that you have come up with this kind of program.


csc dlp case study

It is simply because what Emy did was a form of stealing, its because those supplies do not belong to her. In my case, I even use scratch papers just to help minimize the expenses of the office.

A sample of this legal vs moral scenario is the PAGCOR, it is legal in our land but it is not acceptable in our morality considering that it is a form of gambling and as what the case have mentioned gambling destroys family and it is considered as a social ill.

This whistleblowing occurs in both private and government organizations. The people will continue to support the different activities or programs of the government because they trust their officials.

Csc dlp case study

This is also an act that is appreciated so much by anybody. As an employee, it is hisresponsibility to report to office on time.

My purpose of reporting to the Civil Service Commission is not to destroy the credibility and the reputation of the government official, but to exercise my right of showing my concern to the public.