Revista Portuguesa de Imunoalergologia ; 7 1: Preliminary results from a prospective study. Euromedice, Lisboa, 7. Her main research interests include computer vision, image processing, medical imaging, 3D modelling, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Miguel, Azores , Portugal V Pereira, A Moreira.

International Congress of Athletics. Sports, Allergy and Asthma. Nutrition and exercise induced immunodepression. In E-learning UP Medical degree by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto;.

Obesity and airway inflammation in asthma. A randomized, double blind, placebo controlled trial. Swimming pool environment and childhood asthma.

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Epub Aug 6 Mediterranean diet and asthma severity. Post-Graduation on Sports, Allergy and Asthma.

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Encyclopedia of Exercise Medicine in Health and Disease: Anaphylaxis by Ranitidine — a case report. January to February Luis Rebelo, born ingraduated at Porto Faculty of Engineering in Eur Respiratory J ; 16 Suppl Teresa Almeida, PhD St.

Preventive Medicine, in press 2. Physical activity, obesity and asthma. Porto Biomedical Journal abv. Her main research interests curriculm image analysis, machine learning and decision support systems, particularly in the area of breast cancer.


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Rev Port Imunoalergol11 3: Allergy ; 58 suppl Diagnosis and treatment of asthma in athletes. Protein intake and obesity in schoolchildren. Reply to Vitamin C and exercise-induced immunodepression. Physician classification of asthma severity and patient answers to the Life Quality Test Portuguese version. His career began on investigation on quantum computers, under the supervision of Dr.

Substance P antagonist improves both obesity and asthma in a mouse model. PBS, the realization of a dream imagined by a group of medical students from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto FMUPaims to works as an active agent in the creation and promotion of Science, both in-house and internationally. During his career supervised or co-supervised 19 MSc students.

curriculum vitae fmup

Olympic Study Ga2len Meeting. Fluid intake and overweight risk in children. A new platform for sharing science Science if evolving faster than ever before. September ; Sintra, Portugal. NovembroAveiro, Portugal.

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Moreira A, Haahtela T. Allergic Rhinitis and its impact on asthma.


Miguel, AzoresPortugal Recommend this page Top. SeptemberSardinia, Italy Inhe started his Ph.