In the next step, the starting position of the education sector is to be kept in mind in order to understand the continuing education situation and its significance and background. Without permanent optimisation and adjustment, companies cannot survive in international competition. The ITIL library is, since it comes from a public source, in principle free, but its implementation in the company will lead to substantial costs. These experiences have particularly been gained by large companies that carry out training planning within the framework of the “human resources department” and within the framework of “budgeting discussions” with the human resources department. It is clear that these different definitions of success require different instruments and approaches. That said, ITIL offers a number of advantages in customer orientation and service.

This thesis is concerned with the conception of a design method for modeling mobile interaction devices with a special focus upon intelligent production environments. Selbststeuernde Disposition im Umlaufmanagement von Verleihartikeln Autonomously controlled disposition Global markets for customer oriented individual products challenge companies due to the resulting complex and dynamic production and logistic networks. The realisation of efficient product ramp-ups represents an essential competitive factor for small and medium-sized enterprises. This research aims to investigate the possible impacts of different types of E-Seal on container logistics and, in particular, on its dynamics. Education controlling, a relatively new discipline in the mids, has emerged from practical needs and is a suitable method for demonstrating the efficiency and effectiveness of in-company training measures.

Bildungs-Controlling — Personalentwicklung effizient dlssertation, steuern und kontrollieren, S. Currently available recycling processes are not able to identify and separate this mixture of plastics.

However, there is a fundamental dilemma in measuring these four fields: The concept was tested under real-life conditions cobtrolling is now already being used to develop commercial TC services. Thus the authors say that without the investment into training measures the fulfilment of tasks on the job for coworkers becomes increasingly more difficult to impossible.

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Now the expectations placed on education management are very “high” – because now the continuing training processes are to be reviewed and presented in terms of effectiveness and efficiency – as well as a permanent concept for measuring success. Bildungscontrolling — ein Konzept zur Optimierung der betrieblichen Weiterbildung, S. Different measures differ both in their effect and in the required use of resources. Bremer Schriften zu Betriebstechnik und Arbeitswissenschaft.


Datenreport zum Berufsbildungsreport, S. In this context, shorter delivery times represent a significant competitive advantage compared to other companies.

This doctoral thesis evaluates the application of the autonomous control paradigm in the kmuu of event logistics, especially in relation to the disposition of rental articles. Dissertatlon other words, those responsible for education must make it clear what contribution they have made to business processes and to what extent added value has been created through further training. Band 72 von Bremer Schriften zur integrierten Produkt- und Prozessentwicklung.

Planning cntrolling the future can therefore save a lot of money. Global markets for customer oriented individual products challenge companies due to the resulting complex and dynamic production and logistic networks. Due to complex material flow structures, external fluctuations in demand cause huge variations in throughput times as well as a high proportion of waiting times, particularly in job-shop systems. Effectiveness describes the extent to which this has been achieved.


Based on the results, savings of about 43 percent of the total related economic and environmental costs are proved comparing to the actual situation at the tested cases. The presented concept of throughput time harmonising capacity control extends the state of the art.

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In order to do this, the basic principles of all the areas relevant to this topic are discussed in detail. Success of further training then means that the intended learning objectives or objectives of measures and programmes are also achieved. Modelling of supply chain processes in the mineral raw materials industry from the perspective of EM, SCOR and DCOR models Process Modell in the mining industry At present, existing solutions for supply chain models focus primarily on the manufacturing industry, rather than on the entire supply chain, as they do not incorporate the processes of the mining industry.


The IT department will be permanently confronted with new challenges and data processing procedures.

The main reason usually given is that ITIL seems too complicated disseryation expensive to implement. The success of further training and personnel development can be seen from various indicators.

It also provides guidelines for configuring the method.

dissertation controlling kmu

It develops planning and control methods for multi-stage, simultaneous batch productions with stage-specific order families. It is dedicated to the analysis and planning of training measures, the learning process, learning success, learning transfer and the level of organisational development.

Phase coupling led to strategies which were evaluated by means of a simulation study. In these companies, costs are the top priority, as is the most important feasibility decision making. Those responsible for education must therefore be in close contact with the decision-makers and involved in strategic planning as early as possible. In the science of contgolling there is knowledge about a well-established procedure for constructing lightweight designs.

The IT department should be helping achieve the objectives of a company and needs to be able to react flexibly to change, [3] In order to fulfil this requirement, the IT strategy must be consistent with the corporate strategy, [4].

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The work also includes the development and evaluation of a new solution algorithm for the computation of integrated schedules. The main task of the system is to measure the logistic target achievement in the conflicting field of autonomous control and complexity levels. In this situation, large companies can balance their long-term training plans with successful and short-term personnel recruitment – depending on requirements – as they can provide the financial resources for well-trained personnel.