We present a model for water and sediment transport in a small catchment. Low-flow events are little dynamic in space and time. Up until now, studies concentrate on comparing existing models or built models incrementally. This has implications for the interpretation of results carried out at coarse resolutions, as they may fail to represent the local small-scale variability. Mapping dominant runoff processes:

This depends on soil properties and the average depth of roots. Hydrologic modeling methodologies must be developed that are capable of predicting runoff in We present an empirical study of the rates of increase in precipitation intensity with air temperature using high-resolution 10 min precipitation records in Switzerland. Many chemicals such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals or household chemicals impair water quality in many areas worldwide. We discovered that midsummer transpiration was mostly supplied by winter precipitation across diverse humid climates. Show only first author papers Show all papers. Two forecasting chains are forced by information from numerical weather predictions.

In addition, we established a sensitive and specific approach to profile mtDNA Chapter 6.

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Classification methods are used to identify the extreme rainfall classes dry and wet using climate teleconnections.

We show that while erosive rainfall determines the variability of SSC, ice melt generates the highest contribution to SSC per unit of runoff. The extent of this effect on warming is controlled by the change in river discharge and lake hydraulic residence dissertwtion.

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Reevaluation of transit time distributions, mean transit times and their relation to catchment topography, Hydrol. Use of streamflow observations to update states in a distributed dissertagion model, Adv.

A unified approach for process-based hydrologic modeling: Basu, Marc Schwientek, and Olaf A.


Mitochondrial DNA as a Breast Cancer Biomarker

Recommendations are made regarding the most effective method of calculating a hysteresis index. Instead of relating SSC to discharge, as in traditional approaches, we model SSC by differentiating the potential contributions of the main erosional and transport processes of Alpine environments: Analysis of key modeling decisions, Water Resour.

dissertaiton Research article 18 Jan Modeling concept, Water Resour. Elements of a flexible approach for conceptual hydrological modeling: Sequential data assimilation with a nonlinear quasi-geostrophic model using Monte Carlo methods to forecast error statistics, J.

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However, the dominant climatic factor driving annual runoff change is still unknown in many catchments in China. Climate of the Past. The study also highlights the potential of distributed modelling and spatial observations in hydrology, especially in dealing with equifinality issues. This study assesses the relevance of air temperature as an additional factor in deriving radar precipitation.

The evaluations are based on Information Theory concepts, introducing an objective measure of information and uncertainty. When estimating the rarity of regional events, the dependence of floods at different locations should be taken into account. Next, to investigate mtDNA in blood, we set up a pipeline to analyse the genetic make-up of cfDNA in retrospective — and thus limiting amounts of — breast cancer patient material Chapter 5. Journal metrics Journal metrics IF 4.

By realizing that hydrological models are not one single hypothesis, but an assemblage of many hypotheses, new ways to scrutinize hydrological models are needed.

dissertation hubert weerts

We analyse the palaeoflood series correlation, clustering, and cyclicity properties, finding a long-range cyclicity with a period of about hhbert superimposed onto a fractional noise.


Rainfall was identified as an important stream water source in the forest and smallholder agriculture sub-catchments, while springs were more important in the commercial tea plantation sub-catchment.

It is a critical step to gap-fill streamflow data for most hydrological studies, such as streamflow trend, flood, and drought analysis and predictions.

Our results provide a motivation to improve the representation of spatial variability in hydrological models in order to increase their credibility on a smaller scale.

Using expert knowledge to increase realism in environmental system models can dramatically reduce the need for calibration, Hydrol. The unit hydrograph has been one of the most widely employed modelling techniques to predict rainfall-runoff behaviour of hydrological catchments.

The framework presented in the companion paper by Antonetti et al. A technique for the numerical solution of certain integral equations of the first kind, J. The master transit time distribution of variable flow systems, Water Resour. A prototype platform for water resources monitoring and early recognition of critical droughts in Switzerland, Proc. Quantifying catchment-scale mixing and its effect on time-varying travel time distributions, Water Resour.

The sediment regime shifted from two equivalent seasons of sediment delivery to a single major season regime. Truncation of stream residence time: