Safety Science , Conclusion Distance learning in the aviation industry will continue to see growth, and strategies to mitigate the problems that arise must be anticipatory. This will mean changing the way pilots are taught using facilitation and encouraging them to learn from each other to build safety culture from within. Each question corresponds to one of two groups in relation to the hypothesis, internal or external influence. This is an illustration that some pilots do not think human factors are important to how they operate an aircraft.

Overcoming the challenge of motivating and engaging the learner is aided through the involvement of Subject Matter Experts. Pilot training at airlines is weak because of outdated methods which contribute to error prone operating culture. As airlines progress toward distance learning, advanced learning solutions that are both organization and learner centered must be employed. Culture, Environment and CRM. Internal Influence Table generated from survey data.

erau graduate capstone project

Skip to main content. Pilots are asked to respond by selecting their level of agreement from projetc Likert rating scale, which will be discussed in detail below.

Graduate Capstone Project – Samuel M Torres GCP

Although the data from this survey is limited due to only having 15 respondents, the data shows four areas in need of improvement. Answered Oct 31, Paul Craig, Situational Awareness. ADS-B coverage in remote areas where radar is limited, improved search and rescue operations, and increased weather and traffic awareness.

Testing the Null Hypothesis It shifts, evolves, and can be unpredictable, just like the humans that make it up. The core problem to this project, as stated in Program Outcome Four, was the synthesis of conclusions reached in the reviewed literature. Pilots can take advantage of this data through ADS-B In receivers that stream the data to their electronic flight bag Appareo, Can you expand your explanation of the analysis and provide some clarity on how you conclude that the hour rule has no justification?


After the survey is closed, the average rating from each survey question will be correlated to its appropriate group, internal capston external. The book, momentarily examined the relationship capstonr external and internal influences of pilot operating culture and helped to shape the forming of the central problem for this research effort. This will be accomplished by using objective based training combined with facilitation.

Tracking trainings is an integral part of a learning management system and should be done in such a way that it is not duplicative.

Human factors training strategies can be improved upon based on internal or external influence attributing more or less to pilot safety culture. Graudate collection Data collection will be accomplished with a survey administered through Surveymonkey. The success of NextGen initiatives are dependent gravuate public and private stakeholder investments and will have both positive and cspstone impacts on GA.

The expectations of the pilots are muddled and many airline pilots have stopped pursuing excellence as a result. A recent study of human factors learning across a spectrum of high consequence occupations revealed a correlation of improvement in CRM to the learning of the practitioner.


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Ca;stone for general aviation: Providing GA with access to weather, traffic, and enhanced ATC coverage improves the safety of operations. Paul Craig, Situational Awareness. The comprehensive exam project was not my first choice for a final project, but it has yielded learning far beyond my expectations. Remember me on this computer. Retrieved Aug 30,from MIT. Timely feedback, adequate support, and social interaction are key elements of distance learning.

Rejection of the null hypothesis lends evidence to disproportionality of internal and external influence on pilot operating culture. Pilots in an organization need a consistent message to reinforce the core values of their pilot culture within their organization.

erau graduate capstone project

Conclusion The long-term impacts of NextGen on General Aviation will prove positive as situational awareness and safety increase. What program are you in?

Distance learning must be not only completed, but also documented to indicate compliance. Looking at Figure 9 and the graduat correlation I would conclude that there is a strong relationship between total hours and accidents for first officers. This project is the next step in solving the problems of human error in the literature. While developing the problem for this project many literary sources were reviewed and a few laid the foundation for this research.