Uncontested collapsible Wilfred sick spores Hari raya aidilfitri celebration essays ferries mercurializes anomalistically. We ate together, talk together and laugh together. Submitted by There are some famous festivals in Malaysia which is Hari Raya Also this celebration must have lion dancers. May 23, at 9: I can imagine the bustle of traders and retailers around Kuala Lumpur which began exhibiting lower sales in shops or bazaars to attract the attention of customers. Hari Raya is a very joyous day for children for this is the day where adults are extra generous.

This is known as balik kampung — literally going back to home town to celebrate Eid with ones parents. Sending Hari Raya greeting cards was the norm and it must be sent at least two weeks before the big day. Halida De Ste Croix says: Hence, I can see people get bonded with many Malaysians from variety of races and automatically strengthen the relationship between each other’s respective. My late mum won many cooking competitons and was not easy going back for the past 2 years to an empty house in Muar. It was transparent sending some men reeling to their knees. My family tradition when the first day of Hari Raya, we always wake up at 8.

Hari Raya Celebration In Malaysia & How I Enjoyed This Year Festive

Chinese New Year is the only day in the year most of the shops are closed for business. The night before the special day arrived my family and Ias usual a lot of activities happen same as the other festival.

In Malaysia, the first two days are regarded as public holidays but most will take a week off for this celebration.


The Rafflesia flowers have been found only in Indonesia – on the islands of Sumatra and Java – and Malaysia, in particular in the East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak. In some communities, there will be congregations reciting the takbir from house to house.

Breaking oaths and the consequences During Ramadan, one who fasts and breaks the oath out of forgetfulness must nevertheless continue, since the fast will remain valid. When night comes, we are letting off firecrackers and fireworks.

It is customary for Malays to wear traditional Malay costumes. View my complete profile.

These foods will never miss as they are the main food for Hari Raya Puasa. Fasting During the Muslim month of Ramadan leading up to Hari Raya, it is mandatory for Muslims to fast from dawn to dusk. To find out more, including aidilfigri to control cookies, see here: After I finished a bath and performed the dawn prayers, I was getting ready to aidilfiyri my new baju kurung that I recently bought. Very nice tips on this.

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Free Essays on a festival celebrated in Essay raa While fasting in the month of Ramadan is considered Fard obligatoryIslam also prescribed certain days for non-obligatory, voluntary fasting, such as: It is made up from bamboo stick and filled with oil. If one is sick, nursing or travelling, one is considered exempt from fasting. All of the known species of Rafflesia are threatened or endangered.

I must ask his daughter to teach him how to use Internet!. Hari Raya Aidilfitri is interesting event because all of the mistake and hatred are been forgives and forget.


Festivals and celebrations in Malaysia Essay. Every day during the month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world get up before dawn to eat sahur and perform their fajr prayer. The atmosphere filled with the sound of exploding fireworks and chaos as the kids were playing it around the house.


The observance of sawm during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, but is not confined to that month. How to manage stress??? Every year, my family and I head down to Negeri Sembilan where both of my parents’ kampungs are located.

Chinese and Indian are welcomed to come over too. Fasting is forbidden on this day as it marks the end of the month-long fast of Ramadan. How well do you and your partner click in the bedroom?

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There is are few reasons as to why i pick this particular time. This practice of overindulging has been criticised by Muslim clerics, notably the mufti of the state of Kelantan. They brought the food to where we were watching television as the meal was ready to serve.

It also allows Muslims to practise fssay, sacrifice, and sympathy for those who are less fortunate, intended to make Muslims more generous and charitable.

essay hari raya aidilfitri spm

They break their fast when the fourth prayer of the day, Maghrib sunsetis due.