Success to tackle Cyclone Phailin — Failure to control Uttarakhand floods. Retrieved 18 October But traders made a killing selling vegetables at exorbitant prices and hoarding essential items. A service provided by UN OCHA ReliefWeb has been the leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since Several gram sansad villages or wards hamlets constitute a gram panchayat GP , several GPs constitute a panchayat samiti PS or block, and several PSs constitute a zilla parishad or a district.

Retrieved 6 November Through this decentralized management structure, the Asia Pacific zone office directs the work of the regional and country offices. This initiative has led to the construction of new cyclone shelters, operating in places such as schools and community centers to ensure regular maintenance. Odisha, Andhra Pradesh hit by Cyclone Phailin Heavy rains and strong winds lashed India’s east coast on Saturday, forcing more than , people to flee to storm shelters as one of the country’s largest cyclones closed in, threatening to cut a wide swathe of devastation through farmland and fishing hamlets. News and Press Release

The eastern coast of India is no stranger to cyclones. Since the morning the wind speed in Gopalpur has increased phenomenally up to 70 km per hour. Clouds loom ahead of Cyclone Fani in Visakhapatnam on May 1, The local government made arrangements to shift half onn million people in all. During the next day Phailin intensified rapidly and became a very severe cyclonic storm on October 10, equivalent to a Category 1 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale SSHWS.

Phailin subsequently weakened over land becoming a Category 1 tropical cyclone as a result of frictional forces, before it was last noted on October 14, as it degenerated into a well-marked area of low pressure.


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Retrieved 12 September Logistics and Telecommunications 8. Cyclone Phailin devastated the Odisha coast in October Heavy rainfall resulted in the death of a woman in Bhubaneswar after a tall tree fell on her. Save the Children 1.

essay on cyclone phailin in india

But that was mainly because of the lack of a sophisticated warning system and enough logistical preparedness to evacuate people. As many asresidents of Puri district andresidents of Ganjam district were evacuated.

Cyclone Phailin in India | Essay | Disasters | Disaster Management

The eastern region of Sesay experienced heavy rainfall and winds while it was lighter in the central and western part of the country. The IMD also advised fishermen out at sea along north Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and West Bengal coast to return to coast, adding that “Fishermen are advised not to venture into sea,” instructing total suspension of fishing operations. A satellite image of Cyclone Phailin is pictured in Figure 9.

essay on cyclone phailin in india

Posting Date 1. Supply department officials seized several bags of potatoes in Nayagarh cclone while bags of wheat were seized from a place in Ganjam district.

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essay on cyclone phailin in india

There was no satellite phones in the remote areas of Uttarakhand. The roof of the terminal was torn apart due to the speed of the cyclone.

Compared to the super cyclone ofPhailin was less intense in three aspects. Cyclones are formed over slightly warm ocean waters. Financing mechanisms such as cash transfer programmes for immediate offsets of costs, weather-related insurance and planning could also accompany these plans to help mitigate economic impact.

A total of 1, people were evacuated in the wake of the storm and the following floods in the state. In Odisha, more thanpeople were evacuated by late Friday evening as efforts were on to movemore from seven coastal districts to safety before Phailin was feared to strike.


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Cyclone Phailin in India | Essay | Disasters | Disaster Management

Archived from the original on October 8, Archived from the original PDF on November 10, Tropical cyclones in the Bay of Bengal are graded according to no wind speeds at their centre.

It was also the hard work put in by various government agencies in disaster preparedness that paid off while tackling Phailin. Over the next few days, it moved westwards within an area of low to moderate vertical wind shear, before as it passed ;hailin the Malay Peninsula, it moved out of the Western Pacific Basin on October 6.

To reduce future economic loss and impacts on livelihoods, overarching DRR management plans, in conjunction with EWS, could be developed to establish medium- and long-term plans that address appropriate land use zoning, development of infrastructure and agricultural planning WMO, n. In the aftermath of the super cyclone, the capacity of the Indian Meteorological Department was enhanced by space technology, the Meteo France International synergy system and a high-power computing system in order to help with predictions.

As such, policy makers and U.