It will help me in my board exam in my eng paper. There are multiple reasons why a country demonetizes its currency, some reasons include to check the inflation, to curb the corruption and to promote the cashless transactions. Thanks it was really helpful thank you very much. No more posts found! The important thing is that somebody is doing it with good intention. Bank employees have had a tough time dealing with the problem.

The person who has an idea, and who executes this idea and makes sure that it functions smoothly is called an entrepreneur. Many countries have tried this way to eradicate black money but it is best executed by our hon’able prime minister. This sector has seen various frauds and cyber attacks. Can’t help but notice that you definitely are a Modi Bhakt. The malware is being said to have a potential to hack ATMs and encrypt user details during online transactions.

The current form or forms of money is pulled from circulation and retired, often to be replaced with new notes or coins.

Gen salute for ur positive thinking However, the guidelines have been changed frequently depending on the changing circumstances. In one stroke, big parties will find themselves hamstrung as cash hoards are often undeclared money. This decision caused sensation in the whole country.

Demonetization–Essay Topic for SBI PO 2017

With that they could not purchase luxurious things. Very nice article on Demonetisation it had long term impact on our country only when it is implemented in a prepared way but although it is demonetisatioj article.


They called this decision a draconian law and wanted the govt to roll it back.

essay on demonetisation in english for sbi po

Good move of central government. People are getting problem to widow their money i accept this. To develop our country it is necessary and helpful to stop corruption I like it Clear cut explanation Demonetiation ever seen.

Nice essay i love the way u expressed the goods and bad related to it still if the law would have been known to all at ;o same time then probably a large amount of black money would have been found. This step will affect general people to some extent but for the benefit of future generation such decisions are inevitable.

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Thank you and it is very helpful for me. They are saying it is a good and progressive step. It is expected that it will affect the SME sector in India. I mean how could someone face lot of money It should be problems.

Essay For SSC CGL Tier III (Descriptive Paper) – Demonetization in India

My address is V. A little increase or decrease in the word limit from our side will solely be for providing you more and more alternative styles of writing. Recently the Indian government decided to demonetize the biggest denomination notes i. I loved this article Aftr demonetization there r many cases come through media. Make an essay and I am in 5th now essa for helping me. All currency notes of denominations Rs.


essay on demonetisation in english for sbi po

It’s so bad for illegal persons who earned or took black money. But this inconvenience would temporary and for short-term” had assured the govt. Second time it was done in by Government headed by Morarji Desai, when RsRs and Rs notes were demonetized.

A Short Essay, Article on Demonetization and its Impact

Limits vide the circulars cited above placed on cash withdrawals from ATMs stand withdrawn from February 1, Superb and awesome modi sir is a very intelligent person he had done a very good job. This is not the first time that India has demonetized its currency, earlier it was done in with the complete ban of Rs and Rs notes to deal with the unaccounted money i.

There are expectations of a revaluation of current real estate transactions across the im representing possible losses to players in the sector. In those days, do you think you would know who, say for esssay, Dr. Very nice article sir. No inconvenience is been claimed by common people yet.