Engineering Tool-courses impart important computer-aided methods. From the 2nd to the 4th semester, a compulsory Engineering Tool-course assigned to the corresponding semester has to be completed. The name and function of an experienced and qualified person at the external institution who supervises the student at the external institution. Request to extend thesis submission deadline: Request to extend thesis submission deadline PDF, KB Please note that following the approval from your supervisor professor , the request must be submitted no later than four weeks before the submission deadline expires. Find more jobs, internships or summer schools on our notice board. Exchange and visiting students must earn a minimum of 20 credits per semester.

Your task would be to investigate the correlations of flicker noise for a CNT and develop new signal processing schemes, which achieves an improved signal to noise ratio. Show more news items. Rather than using electricity, the coating relies on sunlight to heat the surface. The course schedule and class handouts will be be updated for HS Modeling and simulation of advanced carbon nanotube sensors. Digitalswitzerland has elected the most influential Swiss citizens in the area of digitalization, the Digital Shapers

Konstantinos Boulouchos has been awarded a Kamm-Jante Medal. Engineering Tool-courses impart important computer-aided methods. Programming marathon The application for HackZurich opens on 7 June. Nature Communications, Claudio U.

eth bachelor thesis mavt

Christos Frouzakis and Prof. In the third year, students choose a Focus Specialization or a Focus Project. Earning credits means passing the examination, not just attending the course. The award won by Dr. The Engineering-Tool-courses offered per semester can be found in the Course Catalogue. Focus Project Teams of 3 to 8 students work during two semesters on the realisation of a product. Development of a Sensor Readout Circuit.


Roland Siegwart was honored in the category “Researchers”.

eth bachelor thesis mavt

Optical and electrical characterization of hachelor actuators used for tensile loading of suspended carbon nanotube resonators. A new coating developed by ETH researchers prevents fogging on transparent surfaces. A team of researchers lead by Dr. The training must be completed, at the latest, before submitting the request for the Bachelor’s Degree.

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Boulouchos’ group received the ETH Medal for their outstanding doctoral thesis in Request to extend thesis submission deadline: The student has to work out a research bacehlor with his advisor especially for literature research fixed meetings have to be scheduled. Bschelor of a toolchain based on COMSOL and Matlab to simulate the modulation of charge transport in carbon nanotube sensors due to mechanical or chemical effects.

This award is in recognition of the technology the institute has developed in collaboration with Carrosserie Hess AG. Videos and photos now online!

Teams of 3 to 8 students work during two semesters on the realisation of a tjesis. Ranging from the behavior of nano particles to the manner of function of large machine tools.


eth bachelor thesis mavt

Students from the research group of Jonas Buchli, Professor at the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems, were honored for their papers at international conferences. Whether building an exoskeleton for paraplegics or an autonomous construction robot, the Focus projects are a chance for mechanical engineering students to solve a complex technical challenge.

This prize is awarded every two years for the best dissertation on Engine Combustion Technologies in the German-speaking countries, which means Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The title of the doctoral thesis.

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A student, a doctoral student and a professor of D-MAVT explain how a sustainable teaching bachelot emerged from the ETH bachdlor to reduce air travel. Navigation Area Admission Current Subcategory: Expected effort is 5 hours per week during the semester including report, poster preparation. Arabella Mauri from Prof.

The course schedule and class handouts will be be updated for HS Contact persons and a list of study topics is to be found here. Siegwart, Roland Yves, Prof.

Konrad Wegener Mechatronics, Fokus-Coordinator: Information on the registration process and deadlines may be found here.