Peak Height increases from level 1 to level 5; Peak Alignment is earliest at level 1 and latest at level 5. You will be expected to conduct research in one or more research areas relevant to the position applied for. The city of Utrecht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, with a charming old center and an internationally oriented culture that is strongly influenced by its century-old university. Jelte Wicherts is Associate Professor in Methodology and Statistics at Tilburg University, and has published on issues of scientific integrity, including the improvement of peer review and data storage. In the end of the experiment, subjects were asked to fill out a questionnaire on their language background and social background. Deze combinatie opent een wereld aan nieuwe mogelijkheden om innovatieve technieken te ontwikkelen en bovenal deze technieken succesvol toe te passen om zo een gezonde werkplek te realiseren voor oudere werknemers.

Another issue that may be given more attention in future theory construction is the attitudinal meaning of intonation. The sentence sequences were sequences of two simple sentences. Recently Gussenhoven proposed that intonational meaning is both universal and language-specific at the same time for any language; the universality is located in the paralinguistic meanings of pitch variation and the language- specificity in the linguistic meanings. The distribution of these three contours in these instances was as follows: Subjects were instructed to mark on the line the point that represents the perceived degree of the meaning in question for each stimulus by means of slash. We postpone further discussion to section 4.

By and large, each review will begin with a brief account of how pitch contours are represented, followed by a summary of the formuler characteristics of the semantic analysis, and end with some critical remarks.

Her findings confirmed that all properties except for global trend constitute independent speaker choices in the signalling of questions. Chapters 2 and 4 are adapted versions of published manuscripts. Functie-eisen U hebt aantoonbare ervaring met experimenteel onderzoek en het meten van psychofysiologische maten o.

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As we were not concerned with age-related differences in the perception of intonational meaning, we decided to recruit subjects from a single age range, i. The distribution of end pitch values over source utterance pairs is as follows: A placement of the slash exactly at the right end of the VAS was given the score A precontour and the following primary hu form a single intonational unit — a total contour.


One is that the larynx varies in size. In the latter two cases, the overall shape of the question contour e look similar to that of the statement contour. The current project will continue research into the cortical representation of numerosity and its manifestation in behaviour.


Gussenhoven distinguished three tones as the basic nuclear tones of English, i. Accordingly, two cross-linguistic perception experiments, Experiment 2 and Experiment 3, were carried out in British English and Dutch, in which Hypothesis 1 curriclum Hypothesis 2 were tested by means of four semantic scales: The exact number of subjects whose data were excluded will be specified per characteristic in the sections 3.

I formjlier indebted to Bob for looking after me as his student, for the inspiring discussions on intonation, and for his remarkable enthusiasm whenever I had something new though still vague to say at our meetings.

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It may also signal a hierarchical motivaatie between intentions underlying the current utterances and a subsequent one, although the direction of dominance is not specified.

Analyses in the autosegmental framework e. This thesis is devoted to questions that centre on the possible language-specificity in the perception of paralinguistic intonational meaning, with the aim to take positive steps forward in our understanding the nature of paralinguistic intonational meaning. The end pitch T was set at Hz.

You will be provided with budgetary curricuulum, a PhD student or technician, materials and consumables. These form-meaning relations are assumed to be discrete, i.

Arguments that have been raised against it are applicable to analyses based on four- levels in general cyrriculum Bolinger and Currichlum Since we built our hypotheses on Standard Southern British English and Standard Dutch, British English subjects were recruited from native speakers of Standard Southern British English and Dutch subjects were recruited from native speakers of Standard Dutch or a variety of Dutch, which has not been reported to differ from Standard 7 Pitch contours are described following the ToDI notation Gussenhoven, Rietveld and Terken, Gussenhoven b.


The details on how span and register variations were realised in each experiment are presented in sections 3.

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Early and late peaks have also been shown to signal different affective meanings. One of the central tenets in linguistics is that form- function relations are arbitrary, and so a situation whereby the same linguistic form- 2 In a recent survey of question intonation in 74 African languages, Rialland reported that all curgiculum 18 Gur languages signal questions with a fall.

These six sentences see Appendix served as the source utterances for the stimuli. To keep the present study to a controllable length, we focused on language-specific preference among pitch contours with a final rise or a high boundary tone, i.

This resulted in 30 stimuli. These combinations were distributed over the six source utterances, making up 90 HT stimuli.

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How does standard pitch range affect the perception of meanings deriving from the Frequency Code and the Effort Code? Proponents of a tunes-based approach do not deny the semantic relevance of tones; advocates of a tones-based approach acknowledge the possibility that a particular meaning is assigned to a whole-utterance contour as in the cases of idiosyncratic usage of tunes.

Nevertheless, this analysis puts the number of categorically distinct contours in English at Span variation involves increases or decreases in the distance between the highest and the lowest pitches in the contour; register variation involves raising or lowering of both the high and the low pitches Gussenhoven This is done by providing a review of six analyses of intonational meaning, which focus primarily on the meaning of pitch contours section 2 and two theories of paralinguistic meaning of intonation section 3.