These tasks should place emphasis on the appropriate developed skills, abilities and qualities and challenge candidates. Estimated entry forms will be sent out to centres in September for completion and return back to OCR by mid October in the year prior to examination. Scope Page 3 4. AS performance descriptions for English literature. The selection should be influenced by: The marks for the separate elements should be entered on to the G Practical Activity Form.

Activities which may be difficult to evaluate in the EPIP It is recognised that some activities do not lend themselves as well to the task of conducting the EPIP as others. Centres should ensure that candidates are medically capable of coping with this. This class will also More information. Performance assessments in seasonal activities may be submitted by the 15 May, the final coursework submission date. To ensure the Sports. For A2, it may be necessary to assess seasonal activities ie Cricket, Tennis, Track and Field Athletics during the summer term of the AS year or the autumn term of the A2 year. Where doubt exists medical advice should be sought.

Primary School Sport Hope Park Sports Courseworrk Park Sports aims to enhance young people s opportunities to participate in a wide range of sports as well as raising doursework standards of sport within primary schools. The tasks generated should identify the candidate s level of autonomy whilst providing the range of pitch and challenge to enable ability differentials to be displayed. The artistic intention makes use of rhythm, space and relationships, expressing and communicating ideas, moods and feelings.

Theory and application of fundamental skills in flag and More information.

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We want to enable our children. The overall performance in the competitive situation is very good and indicative of good levels of learning and understanding. Sports Council for Wales.


There is an attempt to select and apply advanced techniques which, under competitive pressure maintain little accuracy, fluency and control. These tasks should place emphasis on the appropriate developed skills, abilities and qualities and challenge candidates.

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The overall performance in the competitive situation is good and indicative of sound levels of learning and understanding. Demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of activities. These skills, abilities and qualities are assessed in authentic contexts which generate tasks of suitable pitch and challenge thus ensuring that candidates are able to select the appropriate coaching methodology whilst also performing repetitively and consistently, adapting and adjusting to suit a variety of situations.

E Purpose of study A high-quality physical education curriculum inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities. Candidates who choose officiating must be fulfilling the role of the main match official or referee, not the role of either an assistant such as an assistant referee in association football or a support role such as a table judge in basketball.

In centres where a diverse range of practical activities is offered to candidates, there may be occasions when expertise is bought in. Unit G focuses on the acquisition and development of physical skills, recognising that they can be performed in isolation, but usually in combination with others.

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The following list details the sports and activities that your travel insurance More information. Performing one chosen activity and officiating 4g52 chosen activity in two different activities.

Fruitful Jobs No personal liability cover for pursuit of any business, trade, profession or occupation. Pathway of FUNdamental movement stages.

g452 coursework guidance

Key Stages 2 4. One of the UK s 2 We are. Definitions and Physical Education Supporting high quality physical education in the primary school Learning and Teaching Scotland Supporting high quality physical education in the primary school Introduction This booklet More information.


These assessment phases are used in conjunction with the following assessment criteria for the tasks of appropriate pitch and challenge in authentic contexts. Core Course Descriptions PER Jogging and Road Racing This class will focus on knowledge and application of running mechanics as they apply to the spectrum of jogging and running. Performing two chosen activities from two different activity profiles or 2. This is influenced by factors such as body weight, workout intensity, More information.

The level of success of their basic and advanced skills will be based on the accurate replication of actions, phases and sequences.

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Some activity submissions which prove popular may be made available to all centres by OCR. Wherever possible in the delivery of the course, theory is related to practice and practice related to theory.

The performance of a range of basic and advanced acquired and developed skills in an authentic context. These acquired and developed skills are assessed in conditioned, competitive situations which generate tasks of suitable pitch and challenge.

Introduction Introduction Sports Council for Wales Gujdance Sport provides children of primary-school age with fun and appropriate sporting opportunities. Appropriate strategies and tactics are rarely used by the candidate demonstrating a poor understanding of the perceptual requirements of the activity. Candidates are able to draw on and apply subject matter from Unit G which is appropriate and relevant to the selected activities pursued. Units G and G are only available for entry in the June series.