The harder rock forms a headland. Use a stone card to measure the minimum radius of curvature. Annotate it with as much detail as possible. The distance between two crests or two troughs. Complete the activities as set out. Use your tally chart to find the most common land use at each location. The low area in between two waves.

The beach is the accumulation of sand between the lowest spring tides and the highest spring tides. Shoreline management plans are an essential source to find our more about about erosion and other coastal processes in your chosen length of coastline. Here are some examples. Please rank the following statements from 1 most important to 6 least important Answers: Your task is to complete an RSA style video that incorporates the following:

Add a 30 second diagram to your book to help you to remember. Can the coastal management strategies at x be compared with strategies along a contrasting stretch of coast?

What’s in your backyard? Each reading is taken from from break of slope to break of slope. Length of coastline shown is approx 3km. The size and energy of a wave gegoraphy influenced by: Using the images above and your own knowledge, explain how coasts are used and why they are important.

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Samples of fine sediments coasgs and sand will need to be taken from the beach to the lab. Bays are usually more sheltered so there is less erosive power, meaning you often find beaches in bays.


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Both images above credit to the most excellent internetgeography. When did the sediment balance change from accretion to erosion? To find out how waves move material many KM along the coastline. Severity of coastal flooding can be determined by considering the properties that would be affected by flooding, especially their economic value or worth if damaged. Where are the hard defences at x? This is the gcwe corner on the a-axis. Evaluating the impact and severity of flooding behind coastal defences Severity of coastal flooding can be determined by considering the properties that would be affected by flooding, especially their economic value or worth if damaged.

Then, watch from 10 minutes onwards. At each location, tally the number of different types of land use found.

Transportation – LSD 3. Beach profiles Beach profiles use distance and angle measurements to help you investigate the shape of the beach.

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Is coastal squeeze happening at x? Geograpyy some colour to bring the diagram to life. Construct your own environmental quality assessment. The movement of water and load back down the beach.


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Hydraulic pressure will be the main type of erosion. Here are some examples.

System How do groynes at x affect the sediment budget along the coast? Wave cut platforms are only visible at low tide.

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Rocks been thrown into the cliffs by waves and breaking off bits of the cliff. The table below shows how the height of the defence can be categorised. They are formed when you get alternate layers of hard and soft rock.

gcse geography coursework coasts

Environment Agency provides maps of the coastal erosion management policy in England. Flood risk at a coastal location can be quantified by taking into account the likelihood of flooding occuring and the severity of a breach or overtopping of sea defences. What happens to the sediment which has been eroded from the sand dunes? RSA videos are those that are manipulated by speeding up, slowing down, time lapse and over dubbed with your voice.