The Library offers more than online information and books. I’m employed as a cleaner with a different company, but consider switching to HomeWork. I’m studying, but want to work extra on weekends, evenings, and holidays. What does work as a home cleaner with HomeWork mean? Our aim is that our employment terms not only should be better than those at most other cleaning companies, but that our work conditions — as a whole — should be better also for you who are self-employed cleaners.

Do I have to speak Swedish? When is the work done? If you don’t speak good Swedish, you must, however, speak good English. Go to search services to find search tips and additional links. Which skills do you require? Please note that we always read and reply to all applications, both with a message that we have received your application, and with a final decision. Welcome to the Library information desk.

In the Subject Guides you’ll find a selection of databases, books and journals relevant in your discipline and in the Reference Guides recommendations on how to cite correctly. Many also appreciate that omxömen not sedentary office work, but physically active work. Please note that theses are not found using this filter. Do I need a driver’s license or a car?

You will be able to continue narrowing your search in the discovery tool EDS, where the majority of the library information resources can be found. We agree with our clients that they will have one and the same cleaner, and if you leave after a short period, it will result in dissatisfaction for our clients and problems for us.

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homewkrk Compared to being a self-employed cleaner, as a home cleaner with HomeWork, you will, for example, never need to handle complicated administration, worry about finding new clients when current ones terminate, or search for replacements when you become ill.


This means you should have good knowledge about cleaning materials and cleaning methods, be able to work meticulously and homdwork, be organized, and have an eye for details. You apply online in our Basic Application. At HomeWork, we strive to make the job as instructive and varied as possible for you, but ultimately the work is about delivering a brilliant cleaning service in our clients’ homes, and this we cannot change. OnArchitecture is an audiovisual database for institutional users, architects, academics, researchers and students, featuring the main trends in the field of architecture.

Free trial during May. Can I keep my clients if I’m offered employment with HomeWork? The retirement fee is Articles from scholarly journals. If you live in another city, but are prepared to move to any of these cities, you’re, of course, also welcome to apply.

You will then mark this in your application, and we will arrange to make all interviews and tests at times that suit you, for example evenings and weekends. You’re also welcome to visit the reference desk at the library, call or book a librarian. I’m studying, but want to work extra on weekends, evenings, and holidays. What do you offer in return? For those who aren’t familiar with the salary system in Sweden, it’s worth to add that we, like all employers in Sweden, also pay social fees of If you’re already employed as a cleaner with a different company, you’re especially welcome to apply for a job at HomeWork.


I’m self-employed or have my own ‘private’ clients in cleaning. If you include all the time you spend on unpaid work such as marketing, invoicing, and book-keepingand then compare with HomeWork’s hourly rates, you’ll probably find that the rates at HomeWork are about the same as, or higher than the one you get as a self-employed cleaner.

Enter words from the title of the journal to get to the list of e-journals.

Otherwise, we unfortunately cannot offer you a job. You can also borrow markers, USB sticks, headphones and chargers. In addition to cleaning skills, we look at your skills in language and communication, customer service, administration, and security, meaning a total of five different areas of competence.

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Our libraries also have limited opening hours during Ascension Day. Theses by Chalmers students is found at studentarbeten.

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Welcome to the Library information desk. Normally you have two clients per day, sometimes three, but never more.

homework göteborg omdömen

If you’re not sure that you want to work for at least one year, we ask that you don’t apply for work with HomeWork. If the first part is interesting for us, we will ask you to complete a second, full application.