New Local Laws commencing on 1 July Adapting to climate change. Drugs and substance abuse. Starting a business in Melbourne. Junior fiction reading levels.

Fire, storm water and sewer connections. Immunisation for secondary school students. Building Act and Building Regulations Building safety and amenity. Register a food business.

Sustainable business and events. Planning and building compliance. Where to park your bike.

Queen Street plaza improvements. Code of Conduct and Protocol. Section 29A consent for proposed demolition. Green roofs, walls and facades. Garbage compactors and recycling hubs. Promotions permit application form. Higher education and research.

Botham 2 – A city for people.

Stars Homework Club – North Melbourne

Key heritage plans and documents. The Welcome Dinner Project. Construction local law permits. How we can help your business. Thank you for your support and interest in Hotham Mission. Homelessness — how you can help.

hotham stars homework club

Planting tips and suggested species. How to pay a parking fine.

Completed major stwrs route upgrades. Docklands Park Enhancement Works. City Road Master Plan. Amending planning applications or permits. Pet ownership for short term residents.


Hotham Mission Homework Club

Frequently asked questions about immunisation. Please help us improve our communication by selecting an option from above. Heritage studies and reviews. Goal 1 – A city that cares for its environment. Fire, hohtam water and sewer connections.

hotham stars homework club

Immunisation for secondary school students. Illegally parked or abandoned vehicles. Community funding and grants.

hotham stars homework club

About Melbourne City Baths. Lord Mayor Sally Capp. North Melbourne Community Centre. Families arriving from overseas.