Two-planar graphs are quasiplanar Csaba D. Genome-wide association studies offer a powerful tool to gain insights into the genetic architecture of complex traits and concomitantly contribute to explain the suitability of different models for genomic prediction for specific traits. The substitution effect of the major allele of the most significant marker on chromosome 21 is Wnt signalling not only initiates the development of the embryonic mammary gland [30], but also induces mammary placode formation via TBX3 expression [31]. The concordance between imputed and true allele was poor Whole-genome re-sequencing of 43 key animals of the Fleckvieh population [3] and subsequent population-scale imputation using a combination of Beagle [8] and Minimac [9] enabled to extrapolate the entire sequence information for animals via medium and high-density genotypes.

Journal of dairy science The proximal region from As individual artificial insemination bulls generate tens of thousands of progeny, deleterious alleles may accumulate within few generations and sustainably endanger existing breeding schemes [51],[52]. Progeny-derived phenotypes are high-heritability traits as they are assessed based on a large number of records. The correlation of pCE with growth-related traits and the coincident QTL point to fetal growth and the resulting birth weight as major determinant for the ease of delivery [25],[26]. Introduction Supernumerary teats hyperthelia, SNTs represent a common abnormality of the bovine udder. Last but not least, special thanks to all my friends and especially to my family.

The identification of the underlying QTN is further complicated by the fact that several adjacent markers with small effects might form a composite QTL [36]. Australian Huberg of Agricultural Research The marker allele causing the gain of an upstream polyadenylation signal is associated with a lower pCE EBV, i.

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The curvature of a connection on a bundle over a surface can be understood as a moment map for the action of the gauge group. The present study certainly demonstrates the leverage potential of huber progeny-derived phenotypes for efficient selection of animals with eye-area pigmentation.


Therefore, the pairwise relationship is calculated based on pedigree and marker information, respectively. The relationship matrices were built for artificial insemination bulls of the FV population. To quantify the benefit of a high-density SNP map, the genomic relationship based on only 43, SNPs, which were genotyped in all animals, was estimated additionally. The heritability of calving traits, i. The calving process is described by a score ranging from 1 unassisted delivery to 4 surgical delivery, fetotomy.

Utilizing breeding values as phenotypes not only compensates smaller sample size in livestock GWAS [7] but also enables QTL mapping for traits which are recorded in the progeny.

However, the identified polymorphisms explain only a marginal fraction of the total genetic variation [22],[37],[21].

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Chromosomal partitioning of the dissertatioh variance. Furthermore, eye irritation and subsequent infection with bovine infectious keratoconjunctivitis BIK, pinkeye is more frequent in cattle without ACOP [23].

hubert pausch dissertation

Genetics dissetration [cited Dec 14];Available from: The mixed model-based approach yielded an inflation factor of 0. The successful mapping of twelve QTL regions underlying a special aspect of skin pigmentation in cattle is reported in Chapter 4.

The association signal on chromosome 21 became apparent only when population structure was disserration for. Bennett GL Experimental selection for calving ease and postnatal growth in seven cattle populations. The results of the present thesis imply that applying denser SNP panels is beneficial in the FV population Table 1 which agrees with previous simulation experiments in cattle [46]. List of publications at Google Scholar.

Qianqian Zhang: Towards Cattle Precision Breeding Using Next Generation Sequencing

Genome-wide association study Two different approaches were applied to account for population stratification and the resulting inflation of false positive association signals. Theoretical and Applied Genetics Mrode RA, Swanson GJT Calculating cow and daughter yield deviations and partitioning of genetic evaluations under a random regression model.


Quantitative trait loci mapping with high-density genotypes Genome-wide association studies GWAS based on densely spaced SNPs offer a powerful approach to the identification of genomic regions underlying phenotypic variation e. The utility of high-density SNP panels for genome-wide analysis of complex traits in cattle has so far been evaluated for the Holstein-Friesian HF populations only. Genetic architecture of the analysed traits The results of the GWAS confirm the infinitesimal model with numerous loci with small effects and only few loci with large effects for three analysed traits [14].

The sample size was calculated based on the formula presented by Goddard and Hayes [11]. Presumably due to the considerably lower number of independent chromosome segments in cattle, resulting from a small effective population size and concomitant substantial long-range linkage disequilibrium [46]. His appointment greatly enriches the Institute of Agricultural Sciences and is important to the running of the new Agrovet-Strickhof Education and Research Centre.

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However, the characteristics of distinct cattle populations differ considerably [31]. The size of QTL effects is breed specific as allele frequencies differ among breeds [8],[9]. The grey bars indicate the number of sires with an increasing number of predisposing alleles. Imputation of whole-genome sequence information for QTL fine-mapping in the Fleckvieh population. The deviation from the expected Gaussian normal distribution is only marginal C.