Me being able to DJ for people off that and do stuff like that. So that’s when he really was on his s and was just like, “Yo, turn those cameras on. That’s why I was always doubting myself. That’s when Skrillex and all these people were definitely killing ’em. Yeah, man, that’s just how I was. But I go in, you know, we talk for a little bit, whatever, and then that’s when I pull the machine out and he’s just like, “Damn, I haven’t seen one of them things in years, like a long time.

J Dilla – Sometimes instrumental. First of all, I’m not high or drunk or anything when I work. My life is music. So in going back to your agent, did your agent kind of show you the way in terms of direction? Cause when you feel like there’s other people out-working you, it’s not really that, but it’s just certain things that they’re doing that is working for them. Yeah, he told me how, you know, like what’s being played, what people — what the crowd actually reacts to.

I mean, as long as the atmosphere is good where I’m at. You let ’em know that something’s gonna come and then when it drops, that’s when they go crazy, da-da-da.

That — what he does on that machine. That’s when all the, you know, creative process kicks circys. I had toured overseas for about a week off the Electronic Dream.

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Everyone love listening to music and singing along with tune because circjs to your favorite music can instantly put you in a good mood and it takes tension away from you which will improve your skill and technology makes it more accessible.


And there’s really nothing going on in hip-hop. They just want to hear something from you. Do you set time aside for each or do you just honework it all done?

I don’t listen to nothing.

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cifcus J Dilla – Dreamy Play Download: Or, “I’ma call you back. You can say, “Here we go! So I gotta debow my way in that. Now it’s the trap and the house and whatever, you know what I mean? I mean, as far as the producing process, yeah, he taught me the little basic stuff, like how to save, load and stuff like that, but I took over from there.

J Dilla – The Dilla Tape VOl.02

Before, you could have one song and then just hit the road, but you had to get somebody to lend you money to make that song first. I just dropped the edti of the Trey Songz ” Na-Na ” the other day and that’s really doing good. I’ve never seen any of your performances. Same thing with Dreyou know, that West Coast gritty sound.

I know it’s officially done, mastered and ready to go, but I just don’t — that’s all I can really say, you know what I’m saying, that I got a product on this project and on this and this, but as far as me working with new artists I love seeing you out there, and you got another album, looking forward to more. I don’t need — yeah. Let’s go to work now. Cause a lot of people use that, but then, I’m like the first to really make it into an instrument. J Dillw – Vol 2: Cause a lot of people don’t need record deals or deals or whatever to do stuff.


I need the product, and actually show them that I can — I’m serious about this and I’m actually about it. Or even after a show — like if you’re traveling, I’m sure you’re ecit with stuff you can record with. I always say thank you.

AraabMuzik: ‘I Have So Much Music, It Doesn’t Make Sense’

I’ll always bring the MPC, and they yomework figure out, like, “What is that? They play old school stuff out there still like it’s something brand new today.

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I’ve been just at it for a long, long time. Do you bring that back to the process? Cause who was doing it before Duke was?

j dilla circus homework edit

I was like, “Aight. That’s the order, yeah.