The narrator finally understands how important music is to Sonny. Sonny deals with a drug issue and his brother deals with loosing sonny to his addiction. Sonny tries many things to keep from suffering and dying inside. Our feelings would never be new but they do, in fact, have to be heard. Also in the text the brother takes a different approach of dealing with his suffering, he uses the art of listening. Their stories are expressed different ways but they still affected the other. I consider this a triumph because Sonny took his past sufferings and addiction and turned it into a positive thing, music.

The struggle of reality is very harsh and in this story sonny and the brother deals with there struggle very well. We just know that in whatever Sonny does he is aware that music and family will always be part of his life. His growing addiction allows his troubles and anguish to go away for a moment but knows that when he comes down from his high, he must face his fears and eventually himself but also knows that he cannot face them alone. The main theme to “Sonny’s Blues” is the struggle in which everyone goes through in life. It seems to represent a lot of factual truth. When Sonny plays, he seems to transform into a different person.

We the readers never know what path Sonny chooses, to continue on the journey to a better life or back to his old ways, using drugs and making other life-changing decisions for the worse.

In one theme the characters are brought together, the blues.

Sonnys brother, the unknown author, also goes through a struggle. The loss of his beloved daughter is devastating, but helps the author realize the pain that Sonnys goes through day after day via his drug addiction.


As we hear throughout the story Sonny struggles with a lot of things. Finding a Voice “It is our inward journey that leads us through time—forward or back, seldom in a straight line, most often spiraling. He realizes this about his life while in jail, and tells his brother about it through a letter.

Sonny overcomes this struggle with heroin that holds him back from his passion. Sonny and the narrator have had a strained relationship because of Sonny’s addiction, “I haven’t seen Sonny in over a year This story fulfills its accuracy toward the original quote.

Taking place in the drug-plagued, poverty-stricken, and frustrated streets of Harlem in the s, the setting aids any reader in baldwwin the obstacles and hardships the narrator and his brother faced growing up in Harlem. For me the theme to this story is acceptance through pain.

james baldwin sonnys blues thesis

The quotation also tells that we must express our emotions and other things that occur in our lives, even though someone has already dealt with the same emotion or has been in the same position in the past. Everybody can get something out of this story. During this part of the story, the narrator and Sonny try to come to terms sonhys themselves and each other.

It is unhealthy to keep trouble bottled up inside and like Sonny jamse his brother talking things out could even make your friendship stronger.

“One Writer’s Beginnings”: Writing the Essay: Interpreting “Sonny’s Blues”

Since he hasnt suffered as much as Sonny, he doesnt understand what Sonny is going through, and basically doesnt care. This includes music and writing. Sonny’s drug addiction turns into masterful music full of emotion from the artist’s heart. Because that brings out the truth of reality. Sometimes just talking about it is the best healer. When Sonny plays, he seems to transform into a different person.


James Baldwin’s Sonny’s Blues Essay Example for Free – Sample words

There are many ways in which we are able to express our feelings, mostly having to do with the arts. It explains that the tales within ones life such as suffering, accomplishing, and happiness happens frequently. Each story of suffering is important and should be heard. The reason to why he uses the heroin is to get away from his everyday struggles that he cannot overcome. Sometimes they are so overwhelming that he looks to drugs as a way to get that little high.

Two Brothers Linked by Suffering “Forwhilethe tale of how blued suffer and how we are delighted and how we may triumph is never new, it always must be heard.

james baldwin sonnys blues thesis

Everyone suffers and this is just one story of how and why suffering happens. Their togetherness is a triumph of emotion and family love. People found out that they could identify with these nlues even though they were from a different time period because they identified with the three story elements.

James Baldwin’s Sonny’s Blues Essay

He feels that balldwin, therefore there isnt this barrior between the two brothers anymore. This conflict,however, has happened before the situation in the introduction of the story but is mentioned further in the story. When things happen to us we feel that it must be heard so people know we are actually going through.

Especially when his brother goes to jail, for possession of heroin.