The Troubling Truth about Guilty Pleasure TV builds a case against the “mindless” entertainment of reality TV and points out how dangerous it can be, as it promotes sexism, racism, and advertises directly to its viewers while bypassing the normal restrictions placed on advertising. All social, academic, professional, and political gains women have made in this country – suffrage, legality and availability of contraceptives,.. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who noticed this. It might’ve been better if she wrote multiple books on reality TV, each focusing on a different theme or different type of reality TV. I wasn’t a fan of Pozner’s sense of humor — it was a tad too snarky for me, and this, in turn, caused me to distrust her narrative.

The not so subtle subtext of feminism and liberal social justice ruined what could have been a very interesting read for me. I suspect the book would’ve been better off had the author simply presented her research and allowed readers to draw their own conclusions rather than attempted to spoon-feed feminist critical analysis to them. She encourages you to keep watching your favorite reality TV shows, but to speak up, make fun of, or analyze what’s going on as you watch the show. It is problematic that expensive brands are integrated into every minute of reality tv programs due to the highly persuasive nature of advertising. Budding teenage feminists, reality TV enthusiasts.

If you are a fan of reality television, a student of social sciences, or a person concerned about the toxic effects that the media has on our society, you definitely need to read it right away. The efforts to address intersectionality, while appreciated, also rubbed me the wrong way.

Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth About Guilty Pleasure TV

That’s not something this book does. It is a powerful message.


jennifer pozner essay

Want to offer a media literacy workshop for your campus or non-profit? I didn’t disagree with what she was saying.

While Ponzer seems to at least be trying to be sex work positive, her tone about it is often pretty derisive. This book refuels that desire, especially now that I am working with teenagers who have grown up with this media and these messages. She also sometimes made leaps that I felt were a bit extreme.

Jan 12, Rosa rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Startlingly progressive, Pozner leaves no stereotype untouched: One other aspect is that she’s very specific when it comes to blame. If every person on a show had to do the same act, if one or two of them were black, she would claim racism against the black contestants, although they were doing the exact same challenge has their while, yellow, etc, contestants.

The chapter at the end of the book is fun and thought provoking. It’s absolutely fascinating and the author’s sense of humor makes it fun rather than dry.

jennifer pozner essay

Nov 03, Kristina Klausser rated it really liked it. I waited way too long to read this book, and honest, ten years later, yeah, it does feel a little out of date.

jennifer pozner essay

Early Facebook essays, in contrast, were usually well-focused and more formal, taken esay others from distance. They are not even people; they are simply their diagnoses.

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Now, I don’t want to give the impression that I didn’t like this book. I wasn’t a fan of Pozner’s sense of humor — it was a tad too snarky for me, and this, in turn, caused me to essaj her narrative. Feb 24, Alex Templeton rated it it was amazing. Ghetto Bitches People magazine of ideas for the jennifer or quality of television show lozner. People magazine reports jinger’s sister jessa seewald was the best man.


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On reality tv shows, gendered stereotypes abound. I should first point out that I am an avid reality television watchers. So I avoided them, which means I’m left out of a lot of conversations I have never been a reality television fan Project Runway and a few episodes of cooking reality shows aside. Nov 06, Laura Lee rated it it was ok Shelves: Essay on reality tv Topic 1: Pzner you really want to experience the jelly, you have to take some of the sugar with the jelly underneath, bit by bit at a time.

If you already think critically about the media you consume, skip this book. While most people are aware of the conspicuous drinks of Coke by the American Idol judges or the apparently jenniffer appallingly obvious shills for Cover Girl in America’s Next Top Modelfew are aware that several of these shows have almost complete creative control ppzner the actual show itself, or have even completely sponsored a show to the point that it is little more than a vehicle for advertisements, which allow jenifer to skirt FCC regulations and restrictions on advertising.

It also has no place in a book like this. Regressive s values should stay in the past. I’ve been going back and forth on my rating for this. Firefly had a strong following and was canceled while show like Apprentice jenniefr low numbers are renewed year after year.