Also, upon brainstorming methods of comparison, I realized how many ways I could compare and I was forced to choose from a large number of methods. Notify me of new posts by email. You hold yourself to such a high standard, not just in the karate studio or in training, but in life. In ancient Japan, kiai was the name given to the art that used the voice as a weapon. Expectations vary from student to student as educational background, life and martial arts experience dictate. For this thesis, I have composed four short pieces of music to complement four Kenpo forms: Education is our main weapon in life.

Sections of this page. I have a few notes about the relationships in the form, but most of that will be in a different section of the Thesis. Not sure if others have to do that. Humbleness An aspect that is never taught in class but is experienced in class is humbleness. It’s by no means the end all be all. The most important thing, I now realize, is my reason for sticking with it. But overall, I’d like to think that my personal exploration of the arts I have been doing is my own Thesis in the making.

I would like to first and foremost thank Mr.

Your Black Belt Thesis

Nobody is going to walk my journey in Kenpo for me but I am very blessed to know you through Women in Kenpo blog and have the loving Kenpo mates to walk my Kenpo journey by my side. Keeping the base leg bent lowers the center of gravity, by doing this thessis will maintain your balance.

I feel that the greatest gift anyone can do is to share their time with someone. As I began to learn more and got the basic positions down, submissions were included and a whole new dimension was added to the fight. Salinas — for great private lessons and for being a great sparring partner!


He waited patiently and pushed gently for me to open my eyes and realize my own strengths. For example, when we are running drills, the most important aspect of each lesson each instructor teaches is to look forward because the majority of the time that is where our opponent is.

We must therefore look beyond the physical, and look at the mental aspect of American Kenpo Karate in terms of humbleness, discipline, focus, its life lessons, goals met or sought, confidence built, and showing us in all situations an ideal state of mind to strive for.

kenpo thesis

My 1st Black was on “Positive Aggression” – training not just physically, but psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. Having the knowledge and flexibility in your approach to protecting yourself is as critical as having flexibility in changing the weapon in your kicks. Whether it be a linear or a circular rhythm, timing can make or break your efforts to play good music or move good Kenpo.

The theoretical analog karatte Kenpo vernacular would be major versus minor moves. Confidence krnpo strength came along with the physical work, especially the sparring and grappling.

kenpo karate thesis

Oct 22, Messages: And once the test is completed, the thesis is set aside. If there was such book, it would take volumes upon volumes to showcase the unique discipline aspects Martial Arts has on a person. We also give the art an opportunity to grow as information is made available to all.

Remember me on this computer. This will allow time for him to approve its form and content, and allow you time to make revisions. The form should be able to be drawn on a diagram and broken down elementally.


kenpo karate thesis

Secrets of the samurai: The importance of the move major move versus minor move 3. If you cannot decide upon a topic, or in the event that you have an array of topics which you would like to choose from, but are having difficulty making a decision, consult with your Instructor for his recommendation.

Tnesis thesis also does not have to be your 1st Degree Black Belt Thesis; but if you did one your thesix, 3rd, etc.

kenpo karate thesis

She finally accepted my journey and has always been there when Thezis needed her. Yes, my password is: I really like it! By keeping this library active, we give everyone unprecedented access to multiple people’s work: If you have to ask why, then you have never taught.

kenpo karate black belt thesis

I would menpo to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful supporting people in our kenpo family who have helped me so much on my journey. These analogs have helped me to further understand the subtleties present in both music and Kenpo.

It has taught me many things and showed me many things. Originally Thesls by crane My charge is to break down and analyze Short and Long Form 3 and Form 4.