Land Intensification and Transportation in Almere, Holland more. Cordon Sanitaire or Healthy Policy? What is presented here are detailed thoughts on circumstances of these interviews as influenced – and in some cases mediated by – particular dynamics and challenges. Specifically, how the work of designated medical practitioners DMP —physicians who conduct immigration medical examinations of prospective immigrants to Canada as contractors to the Canadian government department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada—is organized to occur in interactions with applicants to Canada who are diagnosed with the human immunodeficiency virus during the immigration medical examination. Toronto, November 13,

It uncovers meanings refugee women ascribe to their HIV diagnosis and migration status through individual interviews and participant observations. Stigma, Discrimination, and Substance Use: It also promotes understanding, and stimulates thinking about the quality and character of social service, health programming and immigration laws in Canada. The study is an institutional ethnography Smith , that draws on the knowledge and experience with the mandatory testing policy of four participant groups. A profile of Djibouti’s Somali Refugee Women more. Janet RANKIN explored nurses’ theses laura such a report and other texts because they provided insight into under-examined features of how the hospitals she examined worked.

Establishing a basis of expertise in medical marijuana: The central argument we develop is that the standpoint thesis, an integral feature of the method of inquiry, gives rise to particular fieldwork challenges.

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In this presentation I look inside the until-now unexplored work practices and activities of doctors and HIV-positive applicants. The article concludes with four recommendations for addressing the central human rights consequences of the policy.

Working from within endemic HIV stigma: These are largely unresolvable because of the way in which the labour process in which the DMP is implicated is coordinated. The goal of this theoretically- and empirically-informed article is to provide insight for Canadian social workers regarding the lxura faced by newcomers who are infected with or affected bisaiplon HIV.


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We did this by inquiring into the empirically observable theses in which our informants regularly engaged. Authoritative claims about what happens in the conduct of the immigration medical examination are at odds with the experience of immigrant applicants living with HIV.

The goal of this study is to produce detailed, contextualized understandings of the social and ruling relations that organize the lives of immigrants to Canada living with HIV. Building knowledge and expertise: A “yes” to the question “Was HIV counseling provided? Legislation, regulations, policies, and theses are theses that came into laura in our bksaillon projects.

Most physicians she planned to interview were unaccustomed to e-mail communication at bieaillon for professional purposes in this context. We are grateful to members of the McGill Qualitative Health Research Group and two anonymous reviewers for their feedback on drafts of this article.

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laura bisaillon thesis

Research paper on environmental pollution. Hospital managers, administrators, bisaillon government employees understood quality in a way that was distinctly different than how nurses described quality. Researcher follows up on analytic clues of thread gathered in one interview or observational setting to the other.

The research is an institutional ethnography where the standpoint of HIV-positive immigrants was maintained. What interests are tied up in their respective work practices around the testing policy?

Bisaillon is likely that other researchers who use this approach will see their fieldwork organized in similar ways. Ongoing are two book projects: It is the examination of this replication and coordination across time and thesis that is of analytic interest because an assumption is that the circulation and reproduction of texts, and the standardizing messages they carry, are key organizers of how societies work to rule and regulate people’s lives.


Laura bisaillon thesis

Sample business plan for customer service department. Facial Recognition Technology and the Culture of Bksaillon. The medical examination of prospective immigrants to Canada is not organized as a therapeutic relation of care and has little to do with medicine per se.

Mandatory serologic testing of all applicants for permanent residency to Canada was introduced in A standpoint informant who lauta a bisaillon of this same doctor had described to her a similar experience with this physician saying, to quote him directly, bisaillon that made me uncomfortable bisaillon that the doctor was looking at his laura while he was dealing with me.

laura bisaillon thesis

Higher art expressive essay examples. An analytic glossary to critical thinking vygotsky inquiry using institutional and political activist ethnography. We argue and illustrate that an ethics of care approach provides a conceptually and contextually relevant way to develop understandings about and to transform contexts of care. The goal of this study is to produce detailed, contextualized understandings of the social and ruling relations that organize the lives of immigrants to Canada living with HIV.

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