Will help him incorporate these By earning a commission in the U. I am a trained Intelligence Analyst and have experience that ranges from Tactical to Theater levels. Made CPO first time up last Sep. That should be in your favor. The second needs to be cut in half. My greatest desire is to serve my country as an Officer in the United States Navy I desire to commission in the Navy for numerous reasons.

This is my second time applying for X. The Army gave me an arena in which to practice leadership, planning, administration, management, and critical thinking, skills. Lets just say it was frowned upon. And yes, you want to nail the grammar as noted as well. I just wanted to say good luck and keep us posted! I am excited about the possibility of serving my country as a Naval Officer. I have re-tooled it a LOT.

Commission as Naval Officer – Personal Statement Example

Your criticism was taken to heart and I feel it is stronger now. This will be an interesting March.

Rumor has it our numbers will be good this year. I have been called a natural leader and have developed that natural trait through school and through the Army.

If selected, I will continue to provide my best and become an outstanding officer.

ldo/cwo personal statement examples

I will try to locate my personal statement from a few years back and I’ll send it to you if I find it. They liked my eval write ups, diversity of commands and jobs, and appraisals. Jul 23, – Your personal statement at the end of your application is very important; it’s your chance to tell the board why you want to be an LDO or CWO.


What reviewers like me first look for is someone who has a clue of what they want, why they want it, and can write to it well.

ldo/cwo personal statement examples

By earning a commission in the U. Decent number so hopefully I have a pretty good shot. Posted January 13, My passions in life aside from my family and country are physical training and intelligence analysis.

Can you please review my personal statement for Navy OCS?

Made CPO first time up last Sep. Got a Xfer “EP”. Because I hold my country and statemet ideals of the Constitution in the highest esteem my single desire is to make my country better by serving it faithfully and honorably, which I currently do as a Non Commissioned Officer in the United States Army. I believe I can compete in all other areas.

ldo/cwo personal statement examples

So articulation that sets the stage of who you are, what you are, where you are at, where you are going, and why it’s important for someone to OK the passage mentality will help you stay focused on your individual story.

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My time has passed, so nice to see others bringing the examplex along. One member on the current board did one of my appraisals I hope he gets my package lol.


perdonal I seek to bring my experience and knowledge to the US Navy as an officer, to enhance ldo/fwo skill set, and to continue to provide the highest quality products for the security of this nation.

As a Naval Officer I will be able to have a wider reaching impact and help set future generations on the path to keep America Strong. Log In with Google. I’ve been scouring NPC statementt haven’t seen anything. Good luck to everybody applying this year. If this puts me in the ballpark, great! It served me well and prepared me to consistently hold positions above my pay grade and excel over the past five and a half years.

Log In Sign Up. I got all 10s from all three s. We shall see here in about 2 months.

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The O5 said I was the best applicant he had seen all year out of the 10 he had seen. I will continue to tweak further if needed. Don’t expect anything to update on time. All “EPs” before that. Thank you for you criticism. Sign Up with Email.