Now she sees herself as being beautiful and athletic. Having a new body, she described her appearance in the story. Also a society or other people can have a certain image of a person’s identity. Her confusion is best displayed in the following quote: Mirror Image specifically for you. On her new body, she seems to be slim and more mature than her old body. Introduction In the stud of literature it is important to remember that a story consists of several elements:

Copying is only available for logged-in users. Jarred to look into her eyes Alice found herself. Although her mother accepted her, still there were doubts in her mind and perhaps whenever she looked at Alice she tried to see the face of Alice in her, and finding it to be someone else the mother might have felt guilty about it. Rather she told her father had died in the accident. Auth with social network: All Materials are Cataloged Well.

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Character Sketch Example: Mirror Image

She used to have the same copper red hair and freckles as her identical twin sister has. She compares herself more implicitly with the actions, and movements of her twin sister Jenny, who struggles with her sisters constant searching for acceptance of her new image. She often bit her tongue while talking.

mirror image by lena coakley thesis

The significance of when Mirror meets Mr. Jarred for the first time. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.


Mirror Image – Lena Coakley Essay Sample

This may appear impossible at present but keeping the developments coming up regularly in coak,ey field of medical science it does appear to be impossible in future. Theme of Change in Mirror Image: Her twin sister Jenny is also quite upset and feels she is but a stranger to their home.

Ethics of modern medical science 2. Elements of a Short Story. The best supporting evidence to this theme was when Mr.

mirror image by lena coakley thesis

Get access to our huge, continuously updated knowledge base The next update will be in:. Can’t find What you were Looking for? The story exposes ideas that a person is not identified in a single attribute, but as a whole.

Ny, in the middle of a street, Bedford Ave. She started having new friends around her as her confidence in her increased. It focuses on the internal turmoil of the person living in a society which focuses so intently on physical appearance.

Published by Alexander Powell Modified over 3 years ago. She also discusses with her mother the concept of her body potentially being older and perhaps getting her license even though she was still being treated the same as her twin sister. My presentations Profile Feedback Lsna out.

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Jarred saw and talked coaakley was not her daughter Gail, but a different person, her accent, the way she walks and even when he looked into her eyes. Alice was in the hospital for months needed therapies to rehabilitate her body. Alice radiates confidence regarding her new body. This change is very hard on the family because to lose a family member is very heartbreaking.


mirror image by lena coakley thesis

Alice is also confident. Vignettes have been particularly influenced by contemporary notions of a scene as shown in film, video and television scripting. With new body many things change about her.

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But how much ever Alice tried to make Jenny see in her the Old Alice, Jenny still had her reservations. This type of scene is more common in recent postmodern theaterwhere less emphasis is placed on adhering to the conventions of theatrical structure and story development.

There are many flashbacks in this story as the time frames and place jump around frequently Imagery: Besides, it wouldn’t be her scream anyway. If you believe you are beautiful then you are.

Jarred understood the harsh reality and sadly walked away saying that he would tell his wife that he did not see Gail in her eyes, but he did not tell Alice who he saw there.