Remember, it must be a book you have not yet read. We will peer edit in class, and the final draft is due on Tuesday! You should have more than half of your book read when we return after break. Vocabulary and is due on Monday! I will be giving you the writing assignment for the book next week. Remember, the rough draft is due on Monday, and the final draft is due on Tuesday.

The poems we read for the chart are: The agency shall make msms 8b homework blog available information provided under this subsection to other districts. Filed under Homework , Upcoming Events. Reread the section if you have to! Answer question 5 on pages 69 and 76 in your chemistry books.

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Back to the Future! The three-year course of studies toward the Ph. We have a good reputation, which can be easily checked with the help of the Internet.


The project is due next Thursday and will be the last major grade of the term.

msms 8b homework blog

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8B Homework Assignments

I will be staying after school this Thursday for extra help. I would definitely refer others to Frontier. Here is the link for all of the assignments: Posted by MrMarinoScience at 7: Begin reading Chapter 11, Section 2 on homeworm.

Complete reading Chapter 11, Section 2 and work on Vocabulary Get ahead with the biggest deals! We will finish Act III in class at the beginning of the week. Extra credit 8bb be given. Friday, November 20, A Quiz C 1. Everyone will go on Monday: Work on researching your Renaissance artist.

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Tuesday, June 2, Science Tuesday June 2nd Chapter 9, Words 1 Vocabulary: We will begin a new section on Monday. Not late projects will be accepted. Please see me with any questions or concerns regarding the project.


Work on your models, labeling everything! The project is due Thursday and will be the last major grade of the term. Make the case for the money to your boss in an email. Answer question 5 on pages 69 and 76 in your chemistry books. Begin reading Chapter 12, Section 2 on pg. The reading should stop at the Reading Check on pg. Bring any information to class tomorrow. Number 7 is just volume and number 2 is volume and density.


msms 8b homework blog

The right side will have the definition, synonyms, antonyms, category, and an original sentence using the word correctly. Science Homework October 9th