More information and software credits. Your Thesis is now deposited, and will be added to the public website section of the repository as soon as it is reviewed by an administrator typically within one week. This will unfold a section where you have access to additional options. How to Embargo your Honors Thesis for publication on a future date: Acceptable reasons for withdrawal include: A student who is considering such a postponement, referred to as a thesis embargo, is responsible for requesting the embargo from the Dean of the Honors College before the submission deadline for his or her Honors thesis.

This repository is not the publisher; it is merely the online archive. Under the Thesis Type box, select “Undergraduate”. On the Subject page, select at least one subject from the Library of Congress’ subject list. Students who finish in the summer are not eligible to participate in the commissioning ceremony. More information and software credits. In limited circumstances, a student may wish to postpone public release of his or her thesis and associated files. Click on the Create Account button or Login if you already have an account 3.

You should be particularly clear about what your advisor expects as far as grading criteria, rough drafts, and deadlines.

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After selecting your file and uploading your file to EPrints, most users will want to continue to the next screen. Click on the Create Repoository button or Login if you already have an account 3.

Writing the senior thesis can be a very rewarding and enjoyable task. Individual files have depositor-specified rights, permissions, and conditions. When you login, you are taken to the “Manage deposits” screen where you can click on the blue “New Item” box to begin submitting your thesis.

This repository is not the publisher; it is merely the online archive. By submitting this collection of files, I grant the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College Thesis Repository a non-exclusive license to store these files and make them publically available at no cost. Acceptable reasons for withdrawal include: Any use of material in this repository must comply with the copyright law of the United States and must be properly acknowledged.


A student in the sciences, having spent much time in the laboratory, will write a thesis of about 30 pages; a student in the humanities will write one of about 60 to pages; if the core of your Capstone experience was a creation of some outcome appropriate to your field e.

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Software required to play multimedia files will not be provided by the repository nor can the repository guarantee that multimedia files will remain accessible in the future. In this document, we will walk through all the steps needed to successfully upload and submit your thesis to the Honors College. Students who finish in the summer are not eligible to participate in the commissioning ceremony.

Enter the required information to create an account. Authors must submit an edited version of their thesis for public availability that omits any third-party copyrighted material for which they have not obtained permission. However, it is not a task that you can wait until the last minute to begin and expect favorable results.

Submission Policy Items may only be deposited by registered undergraduate students authorized by Dean of the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College or their delegate.

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Find you subject s in the list, and click on the “Add” link. Your Capstone culminates in your Honors thesis. Note that these boxes ask for the Family Name last name to be entered first. Authors may only submit their own work for archiving.


Your thesis will be submitted to the repository, and once approved, the thesis will not be publically visible until this expiry date. After you have uploaded the main PDF file containing your thesis, you can continue to upload additional files that may contain additional materials, or video, or audio files.

Copy and paste your Title and Abstract into their respective boxes. Graduates may request a renewal of the embargo. The printed version of the honors thesis retained by the Honors College is the preservation copy. Thus, you should begin thinking about ,iss preparing for the writing of your thesis early. Some of it might occur during the thesis-writing semester hojors as you become an active participant in the professional discourse about your topic.

Honors Thesis

Under publication details make the following mias It is your responsibility to meet with your advisor frequently to exchange ideas and review your progress. It is also helpful if you theeis your name as well. Data Policy Submitted items will be available to the public community at large. SMBHC Honors Thesis Repository reserves the right to withhold publication or withdraw an item if made aware of a potential copyright violation.

Even when the Capstone core experience has followed a nontraditional path e.

ole miss honors thesis repository

May Data Type: SMBHC Thesis Repository editors review submitted items for file format and obvious errors before moving them into the repository for public access.