July 26, at 4: Is my thought process correct? One can almost always find a school where you can do MS. And then work backwards from there to arrive at what stream would make sense. I dont get the concept of coding at all..

July 2, at There are several parameters — these are just two of them really. July 13, at 2: June 29, at 5: I worked at Accenture for two years after BE. I wantd to ask abt Phd as i hav cmoltd my Electronics honors from D. Request an initial consultation with Vantage Point MBA co-founders, Meredith and Melody, and find out how we can help you turn your imperfect profile into a winning application.

I have few queries regarding management programs and request you to help me with answers so that I can take proper decision.

Why I rejected a full scholarship for Masters and PhD from Princeton University

March 11, at rpinceton How to get 6. Got queries unrelated to this article? The CFA might be a good route for you to go without disrupting your career.

princeton mfin essay

Hire us to improve your chances of getting into the top international universities. All this meant that by the time I had gotten these results, which were really tempting to put it mildly, I had almost made up my mind to not to. It really depends on what school, what program, what class etc etc. I do think many a times that even if i get placed after my M.


I was fortunate that he was a visiting faculty in 1 of these programs. September 25, at 1: August princfton, at 7: The scholarship question is tough to answer. Which Course is right for you? I will be having 15years of undergrad education. Most would have some conditions regarding undergrad courses in specific area computer science for instance in your case.

princeton mfin essay

People on the forums have pointed to me because I go to school there, and they think I have some clue as princetln how the admissions process works. I look forward to pursue my M.

You will face this challenge for most graduate programs in the US I am afraid.

MFIN before MBA : MS Finance

I wouldn’t be that harsh, but the MSF is a really niche degree. July 8, at After understanding all specializations in mba, I am interested about international management, marketing and business analytics.

I want to study further to do more research and in this regard want to apply to US for PhD. Print view First unread post. My cgpa is low 6. You already have the software background and the education I am assuming which will make you eligible for MFE type programs.


MS Finance at Princeton : MS Finance

That really makes a difference here as the data points for schools to assess your potential are not that very many to begin with Aim right. But a few responses: Should I first opt for earning a Masters in economics from an Indian university before applying abroad? Display posts from previous: My career is sort of stagnant now as there is only one Elect engr onboard a ship and if i choose to continue working here i would have to work at the same rank for all my life.

How can i make my profile better? Go to My Error Log Learn more. If they are really critical for you, aim lower in terms of schools you apply to. No, not an issue for ISB with your years of experience really.