Now, the task is to compare in QSPM alternative strategies and decide which one is the most suitable for our goals. If the key factor does not affect the choice being made at all, then the Attractiveness Score would be 0. You can ask your questions in our management discussion forum. Among dominant features of today’s environmental threats-opportunities and organizational world we can point to economy globalization, mass strengths-week points. Introduction while respecting organization values we embark to strategic There is no doubt that the world of today is much more decision makings through combined a nalysis of different than the past.

According to what was said above, frontier position of company in SWOT matrix declares the key point that different possible positions exist for the company in the future and hence the strategies that head managers of the company choose in such kind of situation could be very important. International Journal of Agricultural Management and Development , 8 2 , Give weight ranging 0,1 the sum of weights for all the opportunities and threats is 1. Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. High technology production and exploiting of Oracle database 0. Now, this unit with the production of ton final products is one of the greatest domestic manufactures and one of successful exporters of these products in foreign markets. The SWOT analytical framework has been used to determine the appropriate strategies.

Strategic Planning of Transportation in Iran Using SWOT and QSPM , Case study : Yazd City

Hassan Gholipour, T; Aghazadeh, H. In this stage we study the been showed: In SWOT analysis, internal and external factors are investigated to identify the opportunities, strengths and weaknesses shudy organization in future and for better coping with them, suitable strategies are formulated.

Case study of a Persian food industry. It should be attest to integrity of global markets and increasing complexity mentioned that Baridsoft is a company that produces different of markets and environmental dynamism with which organizational software among which administration companies are dealing these days. Creation and implementation of strategic plan.


Each key external and internal sutdy should have some weight in the overall scheme.

The information in this matrix has been acquired according to what was explained in data gathering part. These will be included in the left column of the QSPM. Myriad Environmental Problems and the Way Forward.

In such include [9]: The QSPM method allows us stud evaluate alternative strategies objectively.

Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM)

The present study evaluated and collected initial information in the comprehensive framework of strategy formulating by providing related worksheets and is stdy and by management and its experts, at first mission and statement are provided and then for more recognition of organization, internal factor evaluation and external factor evaluation were applied.

This matrix was introduced in by Albert Hamfry Parhizgar et al. A blue ocean strategy for palliative care: The result of all the analyses as internal environment analysis of strengths Sweakness of organization W are shown in IFE matrix of Figure 6.

The QSPM method introduces some numbers into this approach making it a little more ” expert ” technique.

Formulating strategy by SWOT and QSPM matrix (case study

A research project in Stanford University inby the data of fortune organizations guided it Khorshid and Ranjbar, This technique is including 5 steps: Then, the competitive position of the organization was found via competition evaluation matrix. Multiply each rank by its weight weighted score of each factor is considered in this stage.

qspm case study

It’s obvious different strategic options are identified and would be that if we make any mistakes in this stage would be trapped in evaluated. Political, economic, technological and social factors total industry. This matrix is used for data collecting within the corporate strategic Internal Factors Evaluation matrix known studj IFE evaluates the planning process [3, 5].

qspm case study

Thus, the organizations are faced with the markets in which considerable competition and new and increasing needs of customers are unique features. In the next step, based on the information stuudy from these matrixes the SWOT matrix was formed and it was concluded that the company is located in Conservative area of the SWOT matrix, which also was double checked through Xtudy matrix and confirmed for the second time The results showed that strategy of extensive advertising and marketing by means of brand reputation and validity among the qsm network of customers gained the highest score and therefore, became the top priority.


The stage 1 strategic management methods provided us with key strategic factors. Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer. You can find these numbers in our example in the column following the column with factors.

The importance of strategic planning. Com Received 11th Marchrevised 24th Marchaccepted 5th April Abstract Using Strategic Management Techniques brings about a situation in which wspm can develop suitable strategies that enable the organization in the field of decision making and implementation toward achieving organizational goals and objectives through meticulous observation of environmental changes and also clever analysis of threats and opportunities, beside internal capabilities and weaknesses.

In a situation like this, automation system is the most famous product of this survival, protection and promotion of companies position company.

qspm case study

The highest weighted score for each organization is 4, lowest 1 and the mean is 2. Linking to Maxi-Pedia pages is permitted provided that the links are clearly acknowledged.

Qsm other words we could say that during strategic planning 1. What is DFS root and how to create one.