The potential of aqueous and isolated fraction from leaves of Cassia fistula Linn. In this study, six set-ups will be used: Please review our privacy policy. Remove the excess fluid by pressing and rotating the swab against the side of the tube above the fluid level. Akapulko is known for its dark green compound leaves consisting orange rachis with numbers of leaflets. Review of Related Literature Medicinal Plants Over the decades, plants have been a source of medicinal aid to human health concerns.

College of Nursing – Capitol University. Several plant extract are known for having great medicinal value in terms of their stem bark decoction, such as that of Albizia gummifera, used to treat venereal diseases Komolafe, Application of the Antifungal Discs Within 15 minutes after the plates are inoculated, apply the antifungal impregnated discs to the surface of the inoculated plates either with mechanical dispenser or by hand with sterile forceps. Due to lack of evidence on the efficacy of herbal soap, and the poor aesthetic presentation, these products are mostly patronized by low income group in the local communities in the past. It tends to contaminate the skin, frequently causing abscesses and eczema. Help Center Find new research papers in:

Another clinical trial on human being was conducted in by Damodaran and Venkataraman to study the therapeautic efficacy of Cassia alata Leaf extract against Pityriasis versicolor, Ethnopharmacol. Statement of the Problem: This study was carried out with an objective to investigate the antibacterial and antifungal potentials of leaves of Cassia fistula Linn. In vitro, the extract exhibited akapulkk high activity against various species of dermatophytoc fungi, but low activity against non-dermatophytic fungi.


The leaf extract can be reliably used as an herbal medicine to treat this anout of fungus. In eastern Nigeria, Cassia alata Linn. This type of gram-positive bacterium is one of the most common causes of skin infection especially after surgery and injury. Like any drugs, the Acapulco extract was also tested for its side effects.

Antibacterial and antifungal potential of extracts were assessed in terms of zone of inhibition of bacterial growth.

(DOC) Antifungal Activity of Cassia Alata linn. | Bob Serna –

This study will not include the identification and phytochemical analysis of the different bioactive compounds that are researcg in the plant.

J Alter Complement Med. The present results will form the basis for selection of plant species for further investigation in the potential discovery of new natural bioactive compounds.

When mixed with lime juice, it has been used for ringworm and other skin diseases Quisumbilg These plant materials are either used alone or formulated into local soaps, ointments and creams which are often commercially available. Senna, like most Cassia species, contains a group of phyto-chemicals named anthraquinones; they are reseafch for the laxative effect.

The aim of the study is to assess the antimicrobial activity and to determine the zone of inhibition of extracts on some bacterial and fungal strains.

research paper about akapulko

Let it dry in room temperature. Bhalodia Department of Pharmaceutical, I. In fact, the Department of Health of the Philippines DOH approved 10 reaearch known plants to be used as herbal medicines for its essentials in treating some illnesses and diseases with the help of the Philippine National Drug Formulary PNDF and these include: The microbial activity of the Cassia fistula was due to the presence of various secondary metabolites.


Antibacterial effect of volatile components of selected medicinal plants against human pathogens. Preparation of Materials A. Angelica Francisco found that excessive use of lagundi, akapulko reaearch damong maria can cause diverse effects. The powdered sample material will be soaked in ethanol in different concentrations for 48 hours. Chemical analyses of extracts from Cassia alata yielded constituents as phenolics, papeg acids, terpenoids, and anthraquinones.

New Gyan Offset Printers; The authors of this paper are thankful to the Director, I.

research paper about akapulko

Hemispher Publishing Corporation; Please review our privacy policy. Global promotion of herbal medicines: In view of the above considerations, and due to the lack of information about Cassia alata genotoxicity, it is necessary to perform investigation on the effects of this herbal product which is often used as reswarch therapeutic modality on genetic alterations.

The effectiveness of homemade akapulko ointment in the treatment of fungal infection.

Senna is more effective than the antibiotic Erythromycin to increase the movement of stool through the bowels.

Search for antibacterial antifungal agents from selected Indian medicinal plants. One of the widely used medicinal plants is Cassia alata Akapulko.

research paper about akapulko

This study was carried out with an objective to investigate the antibacterial and antifungal potentials of leaves of Cassia fistula Linn. Extraction The extraction of the Cassia fistula leaves was carried out using known standard procedures.