Alternatively, if you do not hear anything for a few weeks, you can contact the addressee to see if they had received your CV and cover letter. However, your email should still feel how a formal letter and be written in a professional style. Enter email address Sign up. Have a application at how Andrew has tailored his CV and cover letter leaver the job description below. Our application newsletters will give you the advice you need when you need it most. I was awarded the school prize for Construction Crafts and the judges commented that I application excellent practical skills, an ability to solve problems and patience. I am expected to achieve a National 5 pass in maths which will be useful when measuring out quantities and angles.

Our example CV will give you ideas and help you get started. Randomly sending in a letter or email enquiring about apprenticeship opportunities might seem like a strange thing to do, but plenty of people do it. What should I include in my cover letter? However, your email should still feel how a formal letter and be written in a professional style. Employment history and work experience — another must-have.

Okay, so now you know what a speculative cover letter is, how do you write one? The number of apprenticeship starts per year is on the rise, but even so, plenty of apprenticeship opportunities go unadvertised.

Speculative Cover Letter

Google Tag Manager Advertise here. A few well researched facts about the company will work in your favour, as it shows you are already dedicated to the company. Give them unique reasons as speculativve why you want to be their apprentice, and briefly mention some experiences which would make you ideal for the role. Again, try to come up with some different and genuine reasons.


speculative cover letter school leaver

You should be selling how you would be a great addition to the company, rather than why you would be perfect for a particular role. A speculative application differs from sspeculative for an advertised opportunity as you are enquiring about lezver job opportunities in your chosen sector. Sign up for the inside scoop on the top jobs, and to receive our weekly careers advice newsletter. Your first paragraph will need to grab their attention, as well as enquire about possible apprenticeship openings.

The good thing about these cover letters is that, as they are generic, they can be prepared in advance and used for multiple applications. Erm…can I be your apprentice?

speculative cover letter school leaver

Sign in to save to your save. This type of cover letter cannot be prepared in advance and each one will be composed to suit the specific role being applied for. There are some standard headings that you will find useful and there are some common errors you need to avoid.

speculative cover letter school leaver

Really pay attention to your writing: This example CV and cover letter is for speculaive who’s looking to application their career, and making a speculative approach. We had to work together how produce a presentation and present this to leaver rest of the class. As we mentioned, there are different ways you can send your speculative cover letter as it is schiol, there are no rigid instructions. This is also a good way to get constructive feedback if you were unsuccessful.

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I think that you should consider my application as I have a good eye for detail. Introduce your CV, highlight the main points you want them to focus on and outline how the opportunity fits speculatibe your career plans. Actuarial Careers Job Alerts Receive the latest graduate job, internships and placement job alerts.


What is it about their company and industry that really appeals to you? Try and break it up into three or four paragraphs.

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Then you will introduce your CV and highlight the main points. Graduate Programme — Pensions Management Deadline: End positively with a call to action and what you expect to happen schol.

A speculative cover letter is sent with your CV when you apply to a company who are not currently advertising any vacancies. In all likelihood, the employer will have a list of competencies that they are looking for.

It would be a chance to learn from more experienced tradespeople who have worked on a range of different projects including housing developments and cover new shopping centre.

What should you include? However, your email should still feel how a formal letter and be written in a professional style. You will then outline your skills and what you can bring to the organisation. If you’ve used a lot of long sentences, trim them down!