When I first arrived here, I found myself spending too much of my time in office hours not talking with people about paper topics or sources or drafts but rather listening to appeals for an extension, appeals that seemed to favor those who were pre-law or in the Drama Department. Cyrus sometimes needed more time on papers not for the usual reasons but because he just wanted to do the best job he possibly could. Seeing the lightbulbs going off in their heads is incredibly rewarding to me. The Jasper Parrish collection includes correspondence of Jasper Parrish, , and others, , relating to the Painted Post treaty, payments to Indians, supplies to the Seneca mission, conduct of the St. While the tedium of research may not sound exciting to many people, Clark fellows are grateful for the chance to do what esteemed historians are doing. Material on this page is offered under a Creative Commons license unless otherwise noted below.

Trying to have a life. What strategies have you developed for tackling that challenge? This interview, then, seemed like an opportunity for Jim to elaborate on some of his thoughts on teaching for our readers here at the Junto. The collection was formed by Einstein’s friend and executor to his will, Otto Nathan, an economist and professor at several institutions of higher learning, including Vassar College. I was initially fairly introverted, but found myself soon spending countless hours in the welcoming Jewett common rooms. Everyone is more realized versions of themselves. The Student Letters collection contains letters from Vassar students primarily during the nineteenth century.

thesis carrel vassar

The experience of all working together to understand something the best it can be is unforgettable. The shelves in my office and in the library groan with books I really must read, to say nothing of the ever-rising tide of articles awaiting me online.


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My vasxar would capture all the beautiful aspects of Vassar and the reasons I love it. What parts of teaching do you still find difficult?

thesis carrel vassar

Though ideas and outlines can change along the way, in order to receive the Clark Fellowship, its applicants must be thoughtful about what they want to get out of the experience. Your email address will not be published.

Some Thoughts on Teaching: An Interview with James H. Merrell

Whether the morning sun bouncing off the brick of the quad dorms or the dark cold that takes your breath away. Van Demark was well prepared.

I loved most of all that I have gotten to see everyone else bloom as well. The images provide visual documentation of Raymond Avenue, college buildings and buildings relating to Matthew Vassar, class groups, faculty, presidents, students, trustees, Vassar Lake, and Matthew Vassar and his relatives.

Nicole LaDue and Tim Shipley published a paper n the Journal of Science Education and Technology on the use of click-on-diagram questions, administered using a classroom response system, as a research tool for identifying spatial misconceptions. Bound in Moroccan leather, Anatomia humani corporis by Govard Bidloo comprises engraved plates of anatomical drawings by Gerard de Lairesse. I hope you enjoy them. The Senior Thesis Home Stretch The senior thesis is an important academic rite of passage, and for good reason: The opportunity to questions, to learn, and to grow.

I have this zany little place, Vassar, to thank for it. Not to mention other important learning points. Regis Indians, and work of the Quakers among the Indians.

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I highly recommend taking advantage of these opportunities. Join us for the Earth Educators’ Rendezvous in Nashville! This exhibit, part of the Hudson River Valley Heritage’s “Women of the Hudson Valley” exhibit, highlights selected materials that focuses on the partnership between Lucy Maynard Salmon and Adelaide Underhill, two important women in the early years of Vassar College, and the way that their relationship informed, shaped and sustained their work and their lives.


As for being surrounded by Yankees fans, that has indeed been a trial at times, especially with the Yankees so regularly and soundly beating up on my benighted Minnesota Twins.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Many of my primary and secondary sources help do that. A reading that soared one year will fall with a resounding thud the next.

thesis carrel vassar

Please share information about your situation, your ideas and experiences. How do you keep up with the literature in Native American history and early America? Anthony became acquainted with many abolitionists and women’s rights reformers of her day, including William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass, Amelia Bloomer and Samuel May. Engage Cancel reply Enter your comment here Seeing the lightbulbs going off in their heads is incredibly rewarding to me. He was born in a small town in the Catskills and spent the bulk of his adult life in West Park.

Trying to have a life. Printer’s marks are visual emblems that identify the printer of a particular book. A question about a reading that sparked a conversational conflagration the last time I used it gutters out this time. I try to get to New Mexico in the summers and take my sabbaticals there in order to give him a break from the travels.