Through its continuous emphasis on the construction of self, White Teeth can also be defined as a bildungsroman. This book addresses the motif of literary twinship from the Shakespearean age until today. There is currently a profound debate occurring across the globe regarding the nature of addiction: Burning Books in Baggy Pants. His new beginning does not constitute a second chance that greatly improves upon his former life. Irie and Joyce give non-monogamy meaning because their situations create racist contexts. The novel is divided into four different parts exploring significant life-altering experiences of the main characters.

Many of them got only low-paid manual jobs [6] and became victims of discriminatory practices [7]. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. English – Literature, Works Zadie Smith: In the time since her debut Smith has released a number of books, some well-praised and some not. Sign in to write a comment. As a migrant narrative, the novel gives different perspectives of first and second generation migrant life in Britain. At the age of 47, he marries Clara Bowden, a year-old Jamaican, and they move into a house in Willesden Green where they will raise their daughter Irie.

Twins have all too often been discussed as mere footnotes to the allegedly more nuanced motif of the doppelganger, or as a kind of ’embarrassing’ secret of literary history that is said to occur merely in inferior genres like farce or horror fiction. Addiction, Recovery, and the Metamodernist Movement.


The plot evolves around three families of different ethnic origins living in north-western London. Joyce and her husband propagate White superiority when they introduce interracial cuckolding into their life based around dehumanization through objectification.

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This essay examines the role of language in Zadie Smith’s White Teeth and Andrea Levy’s Small Islandarguing that English in its various forms not only partakes in the shaping of postcolonial human relations but also helps The Tempest in an English Teapot: She explores the social concept of family by portraying dysfunctional structures and conflicts within families as well as bonds and friendships between the Jonses, the Iqbals and the Chalfens.

Imaginary Homelands —Essays and Criticism His son Millat also faces the problem of being confronted with prejudice and misrecognition: Help Center Find new research papers in: Archie is shy, has no friends and decides problems by flipping a pence coin.

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He is weak and tries to commit suicide after his Italian wife has left him. NW London inWhite Teeth. Heeth, there is much discussion within academia as to what is presently occurring in literary and critical theory trends. The white culture is presented by very unnormal characters.

Russia Current Church Conflicts in the Ukrai Contemporary Fictions of Multiculturalism: Non-monogamy as Sexual Racism in White Teeth.

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Publish now – it’s free. Samad Iqbal is the absolute opposite to his best friend Archie Jones.


Three different cultures are presented in White Teeth which will be examined in this essay. This thesis aims to compare E.

While White Teeth garnered much acclaim, the story and format, though interesting and provocative, have some flaws that cannot be overlooked. S H Sylvia Hadjetian Author. Shifting between different levels of time, the author draws parallels between places and generations and recovers interventions in the past which explain the present identity problems of the characters and their involvement with one another.

English – Literature, Works Zadie Smith: Sign in to write a comment. As a member of the working zaddie, he has always financial problems. Table of Contents Introduction 1. The novel is divided into four different parts exploring significant life-altering experiences of the main characters.

London is one of the most diverse cities in human history. He is no caring father and he is not interested in his family life.

thesis on white teeth by zadie smith

However, the book became one of the best novels dealing with multiculturalism. English – Literature, Works Zadie Smith: The English worker Archie Jones, 47, is one of the main characters in the novel.