We will also use writing, both informal and formal, to develop and deliver our critical responses to these texts as we think critically about race, gender, class and sexuality, not as fixed or stable entities, but instead as historically, socially, culturally, and individually imbued constructs. Joselyn Almeida-Beveridge In this course, we will examine the work of Romantic era writers with attention to the aesthetic and historical transformations that resulted in the characterization of this period as the “Age of Revolution. Our Scholarly Programs further this mission through gathering advanced scholars to work collaboratively around specific I’ve been a design assistant at a university press, an editorial intern at an indie publisher, a publicist at one of the Big Five publishing houses, a reviewer for trade publications, a writer for book-loving sites like this one! I Wanted More From College. Ruth Jennison How do poets engage in their work with the riot, the swarm, the strike, the boycott, the occupation, the commune, the sit-in, the picket, and the mass demonstration? This course looks at relationships between protest, history, and popular culture in America through the narrative spaces of literature.

In essays, you will be asked to combine conceptual, historical, and literary analysis. It seems that Irish writers have rarely been at a loss for words. University of Massachusetts Press. There are no prerequisites. Oxford University Press, Applications are open, and we are accepting students on a rolling basis:

Read more and listen to the podcast: Facebook Twitter Instagram Sitemap. Why are these writers fascinated with the Nights? Is it possible that the cautionary tales of dystopian narratives might, if heeded, make the world a better place?

The Study and Practice of Writing

English C Honors Thesis Seminar: Thus, in addition to gaining a deeper appreciation of questions concerning the human and society, students will acquire important computing skills and knowledge of some of the most important information paradigms today. Finally, they are exposed to the range of professional writing careers as they explore writing on both theoretical and practical planes through consideration of audience, as well as wider professional, social, and cultural contexts.


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The State of English Studies, Symposium: Kritika Pandey Living Writers is a course in contemporary writing and contemporary writers. Juniper Institute for Young Writers. Heidi Holder Surveys of American drama are often weighted with family and social drama, and comedy gets short shrift.

Gina Ocasion The Art of Protest: The American Studies specialization enables students to shape an interdisciplinary course of study around unresolved social and intellectual issues in American Culture; for example, questions of race, class, gender, and ethnicity.

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Our close textual readings will also help us to examine the subtleties of character interactions, the weaving together of multiple storylines, and the inventive narrative devices that each writer uses in creating their stories. Literary and cultural theories will guide our readings and film amherzt. From Syracuse to Syria. Elena Kalodner-Martin Lecture 2: The skill set you learn in this course is portable to business, law, journalism, teaching, and public service.

We will focus on process—how to produce narratives that are both artistically and therapeutically effective. We will examine how each of these terms raises questions about representation and figuration, and bring these questions to bear on how we understand different historical configurations of gender and sexuality across the 20th and 21st centuries.

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What are our possibilities? The Folger Institute’s mission is to foster vital research questions, gather knowledge communities, and stimulate collections-based research. No prior musical training necessary for this course. Please spread the word! Reading and Writing through the Self.


The Study and Practice of Writing | English | UMass Amherst

Potential reading includes excerpts and poems from: Where do we begin? Stephen Harris This course introduces you to data science.

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With cultural artifacts that span from the poems of Walt Whitman and the work of Richard Wright to more contemporary authors like Cormac McCarthy and even new media like American Horror Story, this class uses fiction, poetry, and prose with supplemental materials such as art, film, television, and material culture to think about the way that America and the American experience has been constructed, marketed, reimagined, and experienced by various peoples across time with particular emphasis on issues of race and gender.

And can computer programing be considered a language?

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Students will read and write a variety of literary non-fiction forms, including memoir, documentary essays, and profiles, and the course will have a workshop component. By reading stories, poems and essays from all over the world—especially those that come from geographical and cultural spaces that are rarely represented in literature—we will focus on reading those writers who lead genuinely bilingual lives.

Read her story here: In particular, students of “The Ghosts of Literature” are asked to consider the myriad ways in which the idea of haunting might be applied to a literary text. How can we use data mining to gain insights into massive networks such as Twitter and the ways in which they structure discourse and society?