And what scores you need for you to get credit. We will be mailing our Early Action letters soon, and we do not give decisions over the phone. Hi dhildy- If you are applying to both Meyerhoff and the Honors College you will be required to complete both applications and the essays for each application. Applying earlier also offers the benefit of receiving an admissions decision earlier. November 1 also marks our Early Action deadline but Early Action is for Fall freshmen applicants. Or do you have to send in another application, without the Honors College supplements?

For an initial review of scholarships, most students are notified if they are being offered a scholarship about 4 weeks after they receive their admissions letter. Please can I have information regarding admissions, scholarships and loans for international students thank you and Best Regards. Will the online application let me submit my application without the fee? Our Early Action program may differ a little from some other universities in that we actually admit a smaller percentage of students during the Early Action review. Hi, Thanks for all the great info. Hi Anita, No disadvantages really exist with applying Early Action. Hi Vin- We have not sent out all of our decision letters for students who applied for Regular Decision.

I am also taking a summer class. If you need to follow-up with your Scholars application for any reason you can certainly contact the program directly. We are known to be an academic school and not a party school, however we are not really seen as geeks. Students here are definitely more study oriented than other schools and therefore may be called geeks, nerds, or workaholics.

The application for Fall should be up soon and I will post an update once it has gone essya.

For more information about financial aid please see the following link: If you answered yes to being a member your fee would be waived and you would need to send proof of membership. The Honors College is a program within the university for academically talented students who are very interested in the honors experience available at UMBC.


Unbc Alice- If you received an Honorable Mention for the Maryland Distinguished Scholars program you are eligible for an application fee wavier. Hi SM, I believe hhonors scholarship offers for transfer students have already been made for the fall semester. Students who are part of these programs must mail proof of award with their application in order to have their fee waived.

Your letters of recommendation for your undergraduate application will only be in our office, so separate letters or additionally copies of your current letters need to be submitted directly to the Meyerhoff program.

UMBC Undergraduate Admissions: Honors College

Is there any academic criteria that I have to meet? You can also email admissions umbc. Kuhn Library, roomBaltimore, MD Letters of recommendation, as well as other items for the Undergraduate application, can be sent to the following address: You could also potentially ask a mentor or advisor to review your essay. If we send them all do you pick the highest one or do you mix and match to get the highest combined score. Hi Matt- Students who apply Early Action typically receive their decision letter around mid-December.

How many umbc prepharmacy students get into a pharmacy school? What if they are planning to major in something that has little to do with math? This is assuming, of course, that we have received all the required credentials for an application to be considered complete. If I decide to study and get this certificate, are there certain majors I cannot take with it in the Economics Department, such as Financial Economics-since there is some overlapping?


And I was wondering when I would get the letter?

umbc honors essay

Hi Alex, Transfer applicants are offered fee waivers if they are a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the honor society for students at two-year institutions. Are 2 0r 3 AP classes considered strong?

Undergraduate Admissions

Hi, I was wondering how important is it to take a full schedule your senior year of high school. If you have questions about your financial aid package you may contact our Office of Financial aid at I would not let the fact that Early Action is more competitive keep you from submitting an application during that period.

I esszy my application over a month ago and was beginning to worry about when Esssay will receive a decision letter. Hi Aj- Recommendation letters can come from teachers or counselors.

I myself am an environmental science major, but I’m also a scholar of the Sondheim Honnors Affairs Program, which focuses on service learning experiences and public policy issues.

I havent been told by mail if ive been accepted for the fall but I have a housing offer. Applying for the priority deadline affects consideration for scholarships, and it impacts when a student will receive their decision letter. Regular Decision applicants with completed applications can expect to hear from UMBC over the next several weeks. We review all applicants with the same process, regardless of the intended major listed on the application.

Does this mean that my app is effectively put on hold until I finish this semester, or will they make a decision that relies on the grades I receive in May?

umbc honors essay