Apply to graduate Convocation. Ordinary rules of referencing and footnoting apply. The first number refers to the chapter number and the second refers to the table number in that chapter. For best readability, normal body text should be sized to twelve-point 12pt. Chapter Layout Each subsection in a chapter should be numbered and arranged in a manner so as to maximize the clarity for the reader.

To locate a thesis, modern retrieval systems use the words in the title and sometimes a few other descriptive words. Submission of the Thesis to Committee It is the student’s responsibility to deliver copies of the thesis to members of the Advisory Committee. The thesis is an essential element of a research-based graduate degree. It is important to observe the deadlines for final submission of defense and program completion documentation to be eligible to graduate. The first line is indented.

Although academic units and supervisors may be prepared to assist graduate students in this matter, they are not obliged to do so. Menu An introduction to the life of antonia novello Hermann grid essay help Essay on pakistan political system.

Usask thesis latex

Was this page helpful? As a condition for the award of the degree the author is required to give permission to the University Library to make the thesis available for inspection and to permit copying of the thesis thsis any isask, in whole or in part, for scholarly purposes only.

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Departments and colleges are expected to provide students with titles latx style manuals on thesis writing which they currently approve. Proof of equations; Raw data for analyses, figures, or tables; Details of methods used on a specialized topic not of crucial importance to the discussion; A lengthy debate on a topic of secondary importance to the issues discussed; Computer programs; Illustrative material.

usask thesis latex

This should be included usasj a separate appendix. They should be single spaced with double spaces left between notes. At the option of the student in consultation with the Advisory Committee, foot notes or a keyed bibliography or both may be used for references. Equations Each equation in a chapter is to be numbered consecutively using a decimal system appearing flush with the right-hand margin.

Students hold the copyright to their thesis.

usask thesis latex

The department makes this copy available to the External Examiner after this person is approved. This list includes the number of each table, the title, and the page number. Both axes of the figure must be properly labelled. The GMCTL offers workshops, non-credit courses and resources for graduate students who are new to teaching and who already have some experience but want thwsis learn more.

To locate a thesis, modern retrieval systems use the words in the title and sometimes a few other descriptive words. Journal articles should not usxsk included in the appendix.

No other information should appear.

It is essential that the title be meaningful and descriptive of the content of the work. If you have any questions that weren’t answered by this site, contact Student Central.

Do well in your classes? Rhesis you would like to include a manuscript for which you are the sole author, you may still need to acquire copyright permission if you have transferred your copyright to the publisher or journal who has published or will publish the manuscript.


Each equation in a chapter is to be numbered consecutively using a decimal system appearing flush with the right-hand margin.

usask thesis latex

Spring and summer classes Get ahead in your degree. Landscape-oriented pages must have the page number situated in the same place as if it were a portrait-oriented page. It is the student’s responsibility to prepare, assemble, and distribute all materials in all copies of the thesis.

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Students should consult with their supervisors or department heads to obtain information on the style manual approved by the department. This list must contain every reference cited, mentioned or used in the text of the thesis.

The recommended length of the main body of a Master’s thesis is between 50 and pages. Students and members of Advisory Committees are reminded that the purpose uask a thesis is to give students the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to carry out a research project and to produce significant results.

Jump to navigation, search. Allowance must be made for this. Page one has the USask logo in the header and a url in the footer, with a more simple header and footer for the following pages. Research topics should be chosen so that time to completion is controlled: All revisions required in the thesis must be made and approved before final preparation usaek the volume begins. Presentation templates These templates give theis the basic format for a usask PowerPoint presentation.