Have a look at the online version of the page booklet we prepared for new staff following the May General Election. If you are coming from outside the UK, look at our page on: This opportunity will provide me a chance to acquire professional and practical experience. Once you have decided where you want to work, and in what capacity, you need to think about how your CV will stand out from the hundreds of applications an MP will receive in response to a job advert. When applying to work for an MP, you have to show that you know about that MP and understand, and are interested in their work. If they like the look of your CV, only then will they flick through your letter.

In this case, Jane talked about the successful applicant drafting PQs and EDMs; preparing briefings; writing press releases; maintaining the website and managing correspondence. Many CVs are formatted in an order which can be very frustrating for MPs who are recruiting. How the Place Works: The main problem here was that applicants did not refer to the job description of being a caseworker. Overwhelmingly, the biggest problem identified by members of the panel was that people had not tailored their application to the job in question. Can they believe that you really understand the fact that they are different from other MPs?

It is worth contacting your local MP first, unless they are not of the party you support. Why would you enjoy working on these issues?

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Far too many people failed to refer to anything in the job ad about advocacy and advice, which is the main part lettwr the job, and instead focussed on things that will not be in the job. People said things like: When writing press releases, speeches, PQs, EDMs and much else, the fewer words you use, the better your point will come across.


Every industry has recognised personal qualities it looks for in its employees, and politics is no different. I am an extremely hungry individual.

Quick Tips to Help You Find a Job Working for an MP

Real life story One panel member stated that, in a real recruitment exercise for a caseworker, the tiebreaker decision was made between two evenly-matched candidates on the basis of an error in one of their letters.

Mistakes There were far too many errors in applications.

If you have constituency experience, play this to your best advantage when applying for Westminster jobs. Include a personal statement — the intention of this is to provide an overview of who you are, what you have been doing and what you want to achieve.

This was put in to tell you something about d4mp MP, given that you could not research her as she does not exist. Leave spaces between your paragraphs. Examples of successful mention include: One page is even better. Your CV should change for each application, or type of application, as well as your letter. Many people said that they would allow one or two small errors, but for more than that, you would need a very good reason to avoid automatic rejection.

There are three basic areas you need to address in your covering letter: You can do it. As correspondence will be an important part of the cpver, your letter should be done properly.

This is really basic stuff, but so many people got it wrong. Lay your letter out nicely and make it neat and pretty. Emphasise points such as being involved with your Student Union, being a member of a parties society, writing for the student newspaper and any debating societies, as well as any local party campaigning you may have done.


This is so important. Jane advertised for a Parliamentary Assistant and a Caseworker and gave away certain information about herself in the process.

w4mp cover letter

By User Gflores on en. Graduates spent the whole letter saying how good they were at attention to detail and what perfectionists they were, and then failed to get this right.

Coverr experienced constituency caseworker with sound political judgement and experience of grassroots local campaigning.

Application Tips

Too many CVs list educational experience before work experience, and some even do this in chronological order, so that the first thing the MP sees is your GCSE results. Whoever is reading your application does not have a lot of time, and they want to see covr information they are looking for w4np away. MPs love this sort of thing!

More specifically, the key issue is whether you have ever worked, in a voluntary or paid capacity, for an MP.

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Want a list of jobsearch websites? I truly realised that it was a duty to make an individual effort to understand and better the world we live in, and leave it, as far as possible, a little more just. Use an appropriate typeface. Your CV should change for each application, or type of application, as well as your cover letter. Have a look at the online version of the page booklet we prepared for new staff following the May General Election.