Pico Iyer later mentions that people come to Los Angeles for three main reasons: That to me meant that there were so many things that the city has to offer. A text can contain more than one theme. This essay is told from the third-person point of view. The comparison between two different images maybe between the part when he describes all the different types of people going with the same group. The airport staff wants there to be no confusion, and for everyone to feel just as welcome as if it were your native country. Write them below each drawing.

Unknown October 30, at 8: The airport staff wants there to be no confusion, and for everyone to feel just as welcome as if it were your native country. His point of view affects the meaning because he himself can look at the other travelers and see what they have on, how they look, and even what they are doing. By Raghad Oxforddil and Ahmed M. A text can contain more than one theme. The atmosphere of this passage was nonetheless, happiness, joy, curiosity, and excitement.

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Pico Iyer “Where World’s Collide” Reading Response

Critics describe his writing style as both ironic and culturally sensitive. The character was very vigilante.

where worlds collide pico iyer essay

He says that lots of people have to get a part time job while they are trying to make their dreams come true, to save money. However, it was the opposite, just as Iyers essay, nothing was as I expected, I was exposed to many different types of people from various economic backgrounds from just being in the airport for a few minutes. What does he say about these people? Whereas for me i believe English is a very easy language.


This portion struck a chord with me because I came from the other side of the country to attend college here with similar ambitions. Some of his ironic juxtapositions collide more humorous; Monks using credit cards despite our usual ideas of the non-attachment and anti-materialism stereotype of Monks. This site uses cookies.

where worlds collide pico iyer essay

Coklide both tend to be artificial, yet self-sufficient worlds of their own. Now, I have a question for you: Be sure to label your responses with the question numbers. You have pointed out the difference between the “blue skies and palm trees” they were expecting and the reality they see instead.

I think that the travelers expectations are different from what reality was because throughout the passage words was a lot going on there as well as overpriced food and busy lines.

Some of these jobs include working at the airport.

Can you find some specific details and clues that make the essay seem exciting? I also liked how he spoke about how airports are mini cities and that whatever happens at airports are just at a smaller scale of the city.

Asia Paul May 21, at 6: Los Angeles is often portrayed as the location where dreams come true and people strive for success. Lyer used the term “they” over and over in the opening of the passage to convey that he was colkide it towards the other travelers. You are absolutely correct. Click here to sign up. He elaborated on a location that he was familiar with, and through his experiences he ppico able worldd interpret the discreet physical cues that immigrants give upon their arrival.


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Note the explicit theme in the last line of the essay. Log In Sign Up. I agree with this comment because i believe that a persons first expectation of traveling will be enjoyable and relaxing.

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Where worlds collide

I think the atmosphere of the essay seems exciting also because its a place you’ve never been to before. If it was told from another person or perspective they would describe specifically what they see and how they feel.

where worlds collide pico iyer essay

Asia Paul June 10, at 6: On one hand, we see the prejudice against Mexicans, and on the other we see Ethiopians, despite extreme cultural animosity, working along with the Tigre. Who are these tourists? Posted by Unknown at 5: Rory Haiber May 21, at 6: