Do we still need to send our secondary school result slips over? So it really depends on your interest as well. The application deadline is on April 3rd or 5th but I think im going to miss the deadline, do they have any extensions? When I was first attracted to UIC, the possible instability as a newly established college was a worrisome factor. I was super glad to have come across your posts. I am sorry to say that in my opinion, everything stated there is true. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

Will it strengthen my application? I will be taking mine in November and I am trying to study for it as much as possible in hopes of landing a high score. I guess I would definitely have to spend at least a year at KLI. But, seriously this blog is great! I was lucky enough to receive an admission scholarship from UIC.

The average grade thing is just above the Test Information Section. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Thanks for the information! I would recommend that you choose the essay topic according to how it would increase your chances for admissions into the major you want to join if you already have an idea.

I hope that can be helping in gauging. Since Korea is not a common destination, I also uid worries about finding jobs. You May Also Like.


I define UIC as ‘a house built on the rock’.


But I hope that your application went smoothly: Do your research carefully when applying. If you refer to the admissions guide http: The application deadline is on April 3rd or 5th but I think im going to miss the deadline, do they have any extensions? Hey I received your email! In the Singaporean context, JC transcript would be your Prelim transcript. Hahaha I really yonnsei that you will come in Fall!!

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Citizens of countries not in the Apostille can only get the Consular Confirmation. Hi there, I am happy to hear that you are in UIC, I was wondering if you would be willing to help me a bit?

Do we still need to send our secondary school result slips over? How do you manage the process about translating and verfiying?? From looking through the comments, it looks pretty harsh academically. What was your SAT score?

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Hi… Have a safe flight! The problem is that if you fail to earn 12 points in both semesters you have to live one more semester in the dorms, basically until you have 2 semesters with 12 earned points in each. The next test date will be in OCT. After you get your notary public, you travel down to the Korean Embassy.


However if you were to enter the university, there will definitely be an application process and the selection interview. You will find all info about applying for dorms in your welcoming uonsei from UIC so no need to worry about that before you even get accepted. Just tell them that you intend to study esday a Korean university and for application purposes you need a Consular Confirmation.


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WHY UIC? – ‘a house built on the rock’

If possible please do reply. Only you can know. There are many other external scholarship, government scholarship which you can look into. Uci are all usually worth from 1 to 2 RC points.

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This might be a rather personal and sensitive question but can I ask what were your A level scores? I also really want to improve my Korean to the level where I can confidently say I am fluent in the language.

yonsei uic essay

Academically, I’ve tried to experience various fields such as debating, writing articles in a history magazine, working on a news alert team for Earth hour event, etc.

X maybe u could suggest how u would interpret this instruction?