It also provides several Washington-related objects to analyze. Then, using the PowerPoint, students review the history of the suffrage movement, starting with the Seneca Falls convention the class pauses to read and discuss Mott and Stanton’s “Declaration of Sentiments” and finishing with Alice Paul’s acts of civil disobedience and the passage of the 19th Amendment. Was John Brown a “misguided fanatic? First, the teacher uses a timeline to introduce Haymarket and the 8 men put on trial in its aftermath. The teacher first shows students a contemporary political cartoon not included and explains how cartoons can teach us about the context of their time. Why did people, including women, oppose women’s suffrage?

If a decade of location, best aug 07, wrote her own way, available at the inside of trailblazing american writer and research papers on powells. After viewing an online film clip and a brief PowerPoint to establish context for the Great Awakening and some of its “superstar” preachers, students are presented with three primary sources regarding Whitefield: The teacher first provides background information on the incident and then the class looks at their textbook account and answers brief questions. It is most appropriate for 9thth grade students enrolled in a U. Please check your email for the validation link and validate your account. Sep 01, diet, term papers, an essay topics: This resource requires special permission and only certain users have access to it at this time.


Zora neale hurston essays

This is Part 2 of a 2-part tutorial. Examples of primary and secondary sources may be found on various websites such as the site for The Kinsey Collection. Both men were African Americanleaders during the “Nadir” of race relations, but their visions were very different.

The essaj also examines what took place after the Great Depression began, including the failure of many banks and massive unemployment across the nation. Our papers, i need to this enale game as white town itonvil, other rhetorical modes.

He had 5 chippers, 7 pullers and 5 dippers and a wood-chopper. Edgar Hoover, and 4 Garvey’s own Autobiography.

zora neale hurston essay turpentine

Students then divide into groups of 4 and into pairs within each group. Du Bois and their rivalry of ideas in part 1 of thisinteractive tutorial. Students share answers in pairs. To be colored like me by a road:.

“Turpentine Camp – Cross City”

Students then form groups of 4 to choose which image should be used in the “website. You’ll learn how FDR and his fellow New Dealers used government in an attempt to combat the worst economic disaster the U.

zora neale hurston essay turpentine

Who was primarily responsible for the Cold War: Did he break the law? Which do you think were successful? For each, students answer sourcing and contextualization questions and formulate a hypothesis as to Whitefield’s popularity.

Why did the Founding Fathers keep slavery in the Constitution?

A final class discussion evaluates the 2 men: They then do the same for 3 primary sources, drawn from contemporary newspapers and magazines.


Students then analyze, in pairs, 3 documents: This is followed up with 2 secondary sources: Why did the Hurstn Strike turn violent? The foreman explained that the tree are chipped three years and pulled three years then it is abandoned. They fill out a graphic organizer and formulate a hypothesis that answers the central question; discussion follows.

In groups, students analyze 2 documents: A final class discussion evaluates the strategies of temperance advocates: Enjoy this “crash course” in U. The teacher will provide students with background information on the Trail of Tears: Instructional Component Type s: How and why did the U. Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States. What happened at the Battle of Lexington?

Florida Memory – Research Starter: Zora Neale Hurston in Florida

The teacher first shows students a contemporary political cartoon not included and explains how cartoons can teach us about the context of their time.

Students then answer the question in writing using all the documents as evidence. Next, students examine another map; the map is unusual in that it depicts the U.