It was not religion alone, as is commonly supposed; but it was a love of universal liberty, and a hatred, a dread, a horror, of the infernal confederacy before described, that projected, conducted, and accomplished the settlement of America. Not only my mornings and evenings were filled up with the crowd of business before the board, but a great part of my time in Congress was engaged in making, explaining, and justifying our reports and proceedings. The danger of insurrections in some of the most disaffected parts of the Colonies, in favor of the enemy, or as they called them, the mother country, an expression that I thought it high time to erase out of our language. I had read Harrington, Sidney, Hobbes, Nedham, and Locke, but with very little application to any particular views, till these Edition: My zeal on this occasion was no doubt represented by my faithful enemies, in great secrecy, however, to their friends in the army; and although it might recommend me to the esteem of a very few, yet it will be easily believed that it contributed nothing to my popularity among the many.

Upon the whole, we avoided the snare, and brought the controversy to a close, with some dignity. Congress and the navy-board will be surprised at these delays, and yet there is no fault that I know of. They made it a crime for such a town to be destitute of a grammar schoolmaster for a few months, and subjected it to a heavy penalty. But it will never be known how much labor it cost us to accomplish it. In all this they were so strenuous, that they have even transmitted to their posterity a very general contempt and detestation of holdings by quitrents, as they have also a hereditary ardor for liberty and thirst for knowledge. He was a person of a plausible readiness and volubility with his tongue and his pen, much addicted to ostentation and expense in dress and living, but without any deliberate forecast or reflection, solidity of judgment or real information. These motions ought to have been inserted verbatim on the Journals, with the names of those who made them.

I answered that, as to recalling Mr. This instruction might have been obtained by Mr. My own private letters to confidential friends will show my opinion at the time of the deudal of facts, and the measures that were necessary to retrieve our disgraces. At daybreak, orders were given for the ship to unmoor. Everybody knows how dangerous it was to speak or write in favor of any thing, in those days, but the triumphant system of religion and politics.


Have not some generals from England treated us like servants, nay, more like slaves than like Lqw Jay opened himself to me with great frankness. I thought, however, that Hopkins had done great service, and made an important beginning of naval operations.

a dissertation on the canon and feudal law 1765

This balsam derives its name from its author. Hhe the same time, another letter was delivered to me from William Vernon, Esq. Harrison reported no resolution.

A Dissertation on the Canon and Federal Law

The news of my appointment was whispered about, and General Knox came up to dine with me at Braintree. The last of these is in these words.

These efforts could not be made without government, Edition: The members chosen, Mr. Do you consider yourself as a missionary of loyalty or of rebellion? And sincerely hope, in future, to have it in my power to make compensation.

The charge of cowardice he soon confuted, by a glorious and voluntary sacrifice of his life, which compelled his enemies to confess he was a hero. Indeed, I urged it expressly with that view, and as connected with the institution of government in all the States, and a declaration of national independence.

Gerry nor any one else would think of me for a successor, for I was altogether unqualified for it. Sullivan went with General Washington to Cambridge, so that I lost two of my able coadjutors.

a dissertation on the canon and feudal law 1765

We observed to his lordship, that, as our business was to hear, he might consider us in what light he pleased, and communicate to us any propositions he might be authorized to make for the purpose mentioned, but that we could consider ourselves in no other character than that in which we were placed by order of Congress.

Canln would require too much time and space to give this debate at large, if any memory could attempt it.

It is a great satisfaction to me, however, to recollect that I was myself perfectly calm, during the whole. It would be in vain for us to seek in our own inventions, or the records of warlike nations, for a more complete system of military discipline.


Recollect the civil and religious principles and hopes and expectations which constantly supported and carried them through all hardships with patience and resignation. The attention of Congress, the army, the States, and the people, ought to have been wholly directed to the defence of the country. And whether the defamers of it are arrayed in robes of scarlet or sable, whether they lurk and skulk in an insurance office, whether they assume the venerable character of a priest, the sly one of a scrivener, or the dirty, infamous, abandoned one of an informer, they are all the creatures and tools of the lust of domination.

It will readily be supposed that a great part of these instructions were opposed by our antagonists with great zeal; but they were supported on our side with equal ardor, and the acceptance of them afforded a strong proof of the real determination of a majority of Congress to go with us to the final consummation of our wishes. John Rutledge was now completely with us in our desire of revolutionizing all the governments, and he brought forward immediately some representations from his own State, when.

If this remark is just, as I believed it was, it appeared to me that the only way to form an army to be confided in, was a systematic discipline, by which means all men Edition: There is a secret in this business that ought to be explained.

A Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal Law by John Adams

He had read Greek, Roman, and British history, and was familiar with English poetry, particularly Pope, Thomson, and Milton, and the flow of his soul lwa all his reading our own, and seemed to bring to recollection in all of us, all we had ever read. There is one resolution I will not omit. Jefferson, be a committee to prepare a device for a seal for the United States of America.