In the last 20 years, the number of births has decreased almost steadily. There are many reasons for this. Human Resources policy, strategic and innovative measures are needed to succeed. Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten Illustration 1: Society is becoming more skep tical about traditional values and norms of industrialized nations such as performance, economic growth and technological advances Rosenstiel, , p.

Economics – Job market economics Why is Germany failing to integrate f In the context of this paper values are defined as morally presumptuos notions of behavior that are considered desirable in a group, sociaty or culture. The balance of the power in the labour market has chan- ged. Conclusion Bibliography Illustration directory Illustration 1: A specialist is of great importance to a company and can only be replaced with great effort.

Especially for skilled employees and executives the competition is becoming more unternehmenekultur more important and tougher. By the year this number will shrink to between 65 and 70 million. A specialist is of great importance to a company and can only be replaced with great effort.

bachelor thesis unternehmenskultur

Because of the fast-moving environment of companies, firms have to build up capabilities to react quickly to those environmental changes and adapt.

But also scientists, technicians, Human Resources employees, Information Technology workers unternehmnskultur doc- tors are urgently needed.

This overages our society Federal Mi- nistry of Health, The struggle for professionals starts with the gaining of employees and is progressing in employee retention measures.

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Afterwards different thfsis of corporate culture will be examined and described such as how a company can create a workspace and work atmosphere that will attract employees. Conclusion Bibliography Illustration directory Illustration 1: This includes flexible work time models, diversity management, culture of learning and team work. The 13th population calculation by the Federal Statistical Office from makes it clear that the german demography is in transition.


Survey Feedback should be used whilst developing the new culture ynternehmenskultur obtain feedback from employees and increase their involvement in the change process. This is mainly due to the low birth rate bachelog is around 1.

Business economics – Business Management, Corporate Governance Corporate culture and cultural divers For a balanced generation, it would have to rise to 2.

While companies could choose their employees in the past, employees can now choose which company they want to work for. At the same time products are becoming more interchangeable and people unhernehmenskultur special abilities and creative ideas are becoming an increasingly important sucess factor Trost,p.

Economics – Job market economics Why is Germany failing to integrate f Chapter three will illustrate the corporate culture starting with its defintion. In the company McKinsey predicted for the first time that by the year approximately six million workes will be absent.

Age structure of the population bacyelor compared to Illustration 2: Current situation on the labour market 2. Researches like Inglehart and Klagesp.

To achieve this, small measures such as employee benefits are no longer sufficient, but the entire corporate culture must be questioned and reorien- tated. The research thessi ends with chapter four which sums up the most important findings of this document. Table of contents Illustration directory 1. For example, carers are paid very poorly and there are hardly any graduates in the so-called MINT mathematics, information, na- tural science, ubternehmenskultur subjects.


Age structure of the population in compared to own presentation Every year aroundmore workers retire than young people are starting in the labour market. Laboratory Training should be applied at the beginning of the change process in order to change attitude and strengthen the commitment to change. Further the goal bachelpr the construction of the research paper are clarified in that chapter.

The current situation on the labour market and the resulting corporate culture

Furthermore it will show how corporate culture is designed nowadays to meet the demands of employees. Nicki MarquardtTammy Bafhelor. Meanwhile not only women reach a higher age, but also men. Meanwhile one works to live. German Federal Statistical Office,p. It insists on its free time and accepts that women and men are equal.

bachelor thesis unternehmenskultur

The goal is to explain the topic in detail and reflect factors that have changed.