Justified conclusion Unjustified conclusion When submitting an appeal you must stick to the published timeframes. Moreover, it needs to be pointed out that many students who are undertaking a laboratory-based project often tend to concentrate too much on the experimental work, and place too little emphasis on critical analysis during writing-up the dissertation; you must organise your work so that your dissertation is a well-organised and authoritative document. In cases where mitigating circumstances which relate to the dissertation are submitted by any Masters student and are accepted on behalf of the Mitigating Circumstances Panel by the Chair, the period of extension to the standard submission deadline will not normally exceed 4 weeks from the date of the original deadline. This is known as academic misconduct, and one of the most common forms is plagiarism.

Plausible suggestions as to i possible future developments in the field, or ii to future experimental work to further advance the project — are included. If this does not lead to a satisfactory agreement that the grade is correct then the appeal process may be used. Additional comments on any aspect of the dissertation: Through the examples below, the exploitation of Adidas Innovation through social media will be explained. The overall grade in an assessment block will be determined with reference to the weightings assigned to each element of assessment in the approved outline.

The work you submit must be your own and must fully acknowledge any quotation or close paraphrase within it from the published or unpublished works of another person.

If you do not submit a Mitigating Circumstances form to the course administrator or representative within 7 days of the submission deadline unless not practicablethe standard late penalties will be applied to your submitted work. Such evidence should normally be submitted, together with a covering letter, not later than seven days after the actual date of submission of the coursework to which it pertains.

The lower range is expected for laboratory-based dissertations. Put the reference to Jones in the bibliography in the appropriate place: Thus you may compare your own dissertation work with the text below, and this will give brinel a general idea of the level of your work.


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A number of social events are organized by the Graduate School throughout the year, including a Welcome Party in October. Retrieved July 25,from http: However, it is good academic practice that they should be used judiciously and not so frequently so as to render the assessment into a disjointed piece of work, characterised by excessively short paragraphs. Internal Communication Maslow, A. Any Masters student who fails to submit by the standard submission deadline or revised submission deadline as in a or b above will be assigned a grade F for the dissertation.

If you are required to undertake more than 45 credits of reassessment, the Board of Examiners will make a decision about the timing.


Some dissertations may be related to research projects run by members of staff. Terry Collins, of Carnegie Mellon University leaders in entrepreneurship, clean technology and green chemistry. Smith then noted how the bee reversed out and flew to a nearby flower so that the pollen was transferred to the ovaries to effect fertilisation. Distinction Exposition of the topic The report will provide a thorough, authoritative and balanced account of i the relevant research, or ii of the data generated during the research project — and its application within the topic area with a minimum of factual scientific errors.

Impersonation consists of a substitute taking the place of a student in an examination or other form of assessment.

Many teaching documents are provided, as appropriate, on Blackboard Learn for students to access and download. All mitigating circumstances submissions should, wherever possible, be supported by documentary evidence see section The TARA programme comprises a total of 8 taught module blocks, divided into 6 compulsory and 2 out of 3 optional module blocks, courework well as a dissertation.

This subbmission known as academic misconduct, and one of the most common forms is plagiarism.


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This support is designed to enable you to meet deadlines, and ensure your condition bunel not affect your performance. Any Masters student who fails to submit by the standard submission deadline or revised submission deadline as in a or b above will be assigned a Grade NS non-submission for the dissertation and will not be entitled to resubmit.

Given satisfactory completion of the taught module blocks, the dissertation will be undertaken in the summer term Term 3. Senate Regulation 4 governs Panels and Boards of Examiners.

The University’s policies on students with mitigating circumstances are set out in detail in Senate Regulations SR4. Brunfl deadline for submission for January intake is 31st March.

Primary sources include data from laboratory experiments or field investigations, questionnaires etc. Social media playbook for business.

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Demonstrates an acceptable degree of competence in the appropriate use of the relevant literature, theory, methodologies, practices, tools, etc. This international partnership with world-leading experts is important, as the problems faced by society and the potential opportunities that arise for business and design innovation have a global dimension and require global collaboration.

The new hybrid element of the promotion mix.

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The Aegrotat pass in an element SR4. Students are encouraged to discuss any points with staff outside this meeting structure, and any key items can be fed back to staff-student meetings. Brunel University Library Courdework. Sensible suggestions as to future experimental strategies are given.

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Through the specialist module blocks in environmental impact and monitoring, with a focus on the technology used in the control and measurement of emissions and pollutants, training is given to students who wish to have a career as environmental practitioners.