Guidance for safer working practice for those working with children and young people in education settings. Additionally, any religious festivals, events or observances should be considered when scheduling meetings. Cambridgeshire Children Missing from Home or Care. Further Core Group meetings should be held every 4 weeks and would normally be chaired by an experienced social worker or a more senior practitioner. The purpose of the conference is to review the safety, health and development of the child in view of the Child Protection Plan , to ensure that the child continues to be adequately safeguarded and to consider whether the Plan should continue or change or whether it can be discontinued.

A further Child in Need meeting should be held to review this plan and prior to any consideration being given to close the case to Social Care. Criminal Exploitation Strategy and Procedures. An Initial Child Protection Conference ICPC is normally convened at the end of a Section 47 Enquiry when the child is assessed as either having suffered Significant Harm or is thought to be at risk of ongoing significant harm. The following should be read in conjunction with the Child in Need Flowchart. Any young person aged 12 and above should be routinely invited to be involved in the Child in Need meeting.

A senior practitioner, with the plah Social Worker in attendance, should chair the first Child in Need meeting which should take place within four weeks of referral. Guidance for Core Group Members. The following should be read in conjunction with the Child in Need Flowchart. Where a Plan is not to be shared with someone, for example.

Planning and Review

When a family with children who are the subject of a Child Protection plan move into Cambridgeshire:. Complaints about a Child Protection Conference. Child Protection Conferences updated Apr Fabricated or Induced Illness.


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A child who is the subject of a Supervision Order will receive regular multi-agency monitoring and Child in Need planning as with any other child under S17 unless the subject of a CP Plan. Where a child subject businesw a plan in Cambridgeshire transfers out of the county and the move is considered to be permanent, the following should happen:. The principles also apply to children in need lsscb move into Cambridgeshire.

This procedure was significantly updated in April to reflect local practice and requirements.

2.2.5 Planning and Review

The first Review Conference must be held within three months of the ICPC and then at intervals of not more than six months. At the final CIN meeting a lead professional will be identified within the professional network as necessary and this must be clearly recorded on the closing minutes. Child Sexual Exploitation Strategy Feb At the start of the Child in Need process, an interim plan will be drawn up with parents to give structure to the early work whilst the assessment is completed.

Busiiness for safer working practice for those working with children and young people in education settings.

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

Advice Relating to Police Investigations. Care of unaccompanied and trafficked children: Domestic violence and abuse in adults and young people aged 16 years and over. This manual contains the inter-agency policies, procedures, protocols and guidance for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Safeguarding Children Board. The views of any child below this age should be represented at the meeting by the Social Worker, having used appropriate tools to ascertain their views.


Subsequent meetings will normally be chaired by the allocated Social Worker.

Close busniess message Read more. Resolving Professional Differences Escalation Policy. They must also ensure that the integrated chronology and the Single Assessment are completed and updated by the Core Group. Any further significant information shared at the meeting should be logged on a cambridgeshirre record within ICS as should any specific differences or disagreements.

The social worker and their manager must agree what, if any, detail can be shared with that person. Arrangements should be made for attendance at the Transfer Conference held cambridgeshkre the receiving authority to ensure full information is transferred. If you are involved in writing new or editing existing chapters for this manual or would like to make a contribution, please contact the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Safeguarding Children Board Business Manager, safeguardingboardscomms cambridgeshire.

cambridgeshire lscb business plan

Responding to Abuse and Neglect. For further information, see the East of England Transfer Protocol. There is no set level for quoracy at the meeting, however the meeting must be able to achieve its objectives of formulating a plan, so information and reports should be sought from key professionals unable to cambridgesnire.

Working with Foreign Authorities: