You are welcome to work in pairs or small groups if you wish. Science, , — Please use the Journal tool within Bb Learn to turn in your entries paste text directly in if possible rather than submitting attachments. We WILL illustrate a few screens of the project using non-technical, freely available tools for drawing buttons, text etc. Farm-fresh foods, like that of which we grow here at the EcoRanch, contain more nutrients by the time they reach our tables and are grown in nutrient rich soil without chemicals which helps to keep our bodies and minds healthier.

Just head to the link in our bio and sign up! You will be able to engage in effective written and oral communication. Growing up I always had access to fresh organic produce right out of the ground, so finding the Flagstaff Ecoranch was ideal. Teaching Effectively with Technology that uses cognitive psychology research to create practical advice for teachers. The team made a self guided pamphlet that describes information about Ponderosa Pines, collecting rainwater, compost, the Fort Valley area, and the San Francisco Peaks.

Teaching Effectively with Technology that uses cognitive psychology research to create practical advice for teachers.

These are the questions that I’ve worked with in my year career as a researcher and teacher focusing on cognitive psychology. By continuing to use this website, you cwpstone to their use.

Interns and Capstone Students

Children and the Internet. Personal technology in the classroom: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, This site uses cookies. How engagement strategies in popular computer and video games can inform instructional design. In-class questions on the readings 26 5 points each 2. Scientific American Mind, 19 52. As a company, member of the community, or individual, we look to you to propose projects.


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The Promise and Perils of Technology Welcome to the class! Nqu approximately word description of one or more ideas you have projetc your application.

In addition to these objectives, I gained experience in project management, policy navigation and community organization. Riley researched 20 different Airbnbs in Arizona to compare our operations, website design, and communication with guests. Riley has integrated herself into the community by developing an improved activity binder. My objective ;roject this project was to develop, author and implement a business plan that promotes the use of green cleaning products, especially with students.

Rehearse the oral preparing for the presentation of the poster. What you turn in: Readings are all available online or through the course Bb Learn shell, and poster printing is covered by the Department of Psychological Sciences.

capstone project nau

Please allow 48 hours for a reply, and note that I rarely answer email on the weekend. Important note about grade questions: My goal with this internship is to become more adept in sustainable agriculture practices as well as learning to create my own sustainable garden in the future.

capstone project nau

Please have all of the assigned reading for a given week completed before the Monday class meeting. The in-class questions will focus on all of them, in any order. Let me know if you would like more guidance with this way of approaching the journal. His nnau conducted a feasibility study, researched 20 different CSAs in the southwest, developed what the CSA would look like for the summer season, calstone made recommendations for feedback and improvements after the season was completed.


Educational Technology Research and Development, 53, Psychology of Popular Media Culture, 5, My name is Savannah and my purpose in life is to support and inspire others in a way that allows them to live the life of which they dream. If you have any concerns or are falling behind, I can help, but please take the initiative to see me as soon as possible if this is the case. Along with our composting program with Flagstaff Collective Coffee Co. However, you can earn up to 5 extra credit points for a dynamic mockup where you can actually push buttons, use menus etc.

Assessments and Learning Activities. You need to show me your draft poster before you send it in for printing.

capstone project nau