Once Marshall has seen what he needs to see. There is also a question as to who should coordinate requests from all the business unit involved from which Ayishia tried to facilitate but only resulted to nothing. You can get this essay on your email. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals. Welcome to the world of case studies that can bring you high grades! We have received your request for getting a sample.

All of these factors will add to why Marshall will have to gather more information and make a decision very carefully. The organization is highly specialized and characterized by rules, procedures, and a clear hierarchy of authority. An example would be when other units give poorly-defined problems but expect solution the next day or how problems often crossed organizational lines. Functional structure groups employees according to functions, skills, or consumption of resources. This site uses cookies. I take the state of affairs one measure at a clip.

The organization is highly specialized and characterized by rules, procedures, and a clear hierarchy of authority. Ayishia is frustrated after few months stuey the job and is asking for a clear statement of responsibilities and authority from Marshall. This type of organization typically has a rigid, vertical, centralized structure, with most decisions made at the top. Marshall should give Ayishia the authority and responsibility on how she will use her IT people in order to maximize their full potential.

The main organizational causes of the frustration that Ayishia Coles feels is that there is no exact or clear statement of her personal responsibilities and authority. A cross-functional team furthers horizontal coordination because participants from several departments meet regularly to solve ongoing problems of common interest.


Daft, Management 10 th Edition Cengage Learning I would also consider all the technological factors including the importance of a centralized IT and an exact definition of what they do. Efficient use of resources thus it would be cost-efficient.

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On another note, the suggestion to decentralize their IT would mean decreasing the span of control of Ayishia. Importance of consumer centric approach marketing Role of a partner in a partnership firm. If I am Marshall Pinkard.

Marshall Pinkard needs to handle this delicate situation carefully, since he has limited information.

Span of Management on the other hand describes the number of employees reporting to a specific supervisor. If I am Marshall Pinkard, I take the situation one step at a time.

Having the approval matrix will have a clear and defined authority for Ayishia and the project managers. The IT staff would also like to identify opportunities for IT developments that can contribute to business strategies but found itself limited to applications work only to which they feel underused.

Daft, Based on the reading I think that the best type of structural design that would work for the organization is the vertical functional approach. Hierarchical levels at which decisions are made can either be centralized which means decision is near the top of the organization while decentralized means decisions are encouraged to the lower levels. I would believe that the best class of action for right now would be to seek the little accommodations for 6 months or so.

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Ideally, IT would want to understand every angle of the problem to ensure solution will fit into the existing system. One team will handle the corporate IT Infrastructure jobs which includes basic troubleshooting, network connections, purchase of hardwares and softwares, etc. Departmentalization is the process of designing an organization into departments.


The coordination is also strong as team members acknowledges the authority and responsibility of the PD Officer as the project manager. Factors Vertical Structure Horizontal Structure fmb&. Moreover, innovation and response to external environment can be distressed with a vertical structure.

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Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. However, the individual IT departments would need to be checked upon by corporate routinely and corporate should still have some controls over each department. I think that President of the big local subdivision has a point that individual IT sections would salvage a batch of clip and unneeded work from corporate.

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The president of a large regional branch was campaigning to decentralize IT to be under each branch authority instead of coursing everything through corporate IT. One group may specialize on basic IT problems such as network connections, troubleshooting, email setup, etc.

Maybe the IT department is just having a rough patch with the problems recently, which could possibly be fixed casee minor adjustments. Marshall seemed to hold with Ayishia in her petition for a formal transcript of her governments and duties.

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The criteria set for departmentalization depends on the approaches adopted.